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The ww1 soldier

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Alexander Byron is a young 15 year old British boy born in the countryside. He wants a change in life as his abusive father and boredom always plague his mind. He gets a opportunity to escape his boredom as war breaks out and him and his best friend Marcus wants to join the war for the thrill of it. However him and his friend soon learn that war is not fun at all and soon learns that his old life is far better than his new life.

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 2

Alexander stepped out of his house and saw a sunny day with a cool cool breeze. He took a moment to embrace this cool cold breeze rushing through his hair, one of his favourite sensations. After 5 minutes he continued to walk to his friend’s house.

Alexander finally arrived at his friend’s house and knocked on the door. The door opened to find his friend Marcus standing behind the door. They both greeted each-over with a handshake and then Marcus closed and locked his front door with his house key.

“So what are we going to do today?” Marcus questioned his best friend.

Alexander smiled but then said “Have you heard the news? War is very, very likely to break out! Our boredom will finally end!”

Marcus cautiously said “That is amazing though but I’ve been wondering you don’t seem like the type to survive in a war.”

“What do you mean?” Alexander quickly responded.

Their was a pause, Marcus decided that it was best to choose his words carefully. He then said “You let your emotions take over you whatever the situation, that could cost you your life in a war.”

“I’ll be fine, even if I die it will still be way better than life right now.” Alexander barked at his friend.

“Ok, if you truly feel like you have what it takes to go into a war I ain’t stoping you. However you have never managed to stop you dad from beating you up and no offence but you lack physical strength.” Marcus claimed.

“The war will be based on guns, so it’s about aim not physical strength. My physical strength doesn’t have to be good to fire a gun.” Alexander said.

“Most of the time yes, you wouldn’t need physical strength however a guy could lose his gun and surprise attack you using physical strength and take your gun of you and shoot you. What will you do then?” Marcus said.

“You have point, I will be careful. Do you want to ride on my dad’s horses?” Alexander said.

“You’re strange, you just said to be careful and now you thinking about riding your dad’s horses? He hates that though but I wouldn’t mind a race.” Marcus murmured.

Alexander and Marcus rushed back to Alexander’s father’s stable. They finally arrived there after 7 minutes. They arrived to a dark and eerie place Alexander felt something was off but couldn’t put his finger on it. Despite it they both got a horse each and went from the stable and closed it.

“So we go to the woods take the left by that weird looking stump and then cross the salcarn river and return here, sound good.” Said Marcus

Alexander nodded his head and they both said “ready, set, go!” Alexander took the lead in the race as they crossed the dark woods to the weird looking stump.

“How the heck are you winning me.” said Marcus.

“I’m just the best rider in the country.” boastfully claimed Alexander.

Alexander still was winning the race as they passed by the river salcarn. The barn was now insight Alexander looked destined to win however “DON’T GO TO WAR, IT WILL HARM YOU” said a deep and mysterious voice. Alexander stopped his horse as Marcus overtook him and won the race.

“Hah won you Alexander, what happens to you though you seemed frightened and confused.” said a concerned Marcus.

“That’s exactly what my feelings are Marcus, exactly.” whispered Alexander.
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