The ww1 soldier

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Chapter 3

Alexander was in his room laying down in his bed and starting at the wall, thinking about the voice. The voice was all he could think about and how familiar the voice sounded but couldn’t figure out why it was familiar. The voice troubled Alexander greatly, he was very bothered that he didn’t know who the voice belonged to and where it came from as there was no one in sight. Alexander’s thoughts quickly faded away however as loud footsteps approached his bedroom door and saw his father entering his bedroom.

“What the heck have you been doing using my horses?!” Alexander’s father shouted at his son.

Alexander responded “I don’t know what you are talking about.” Alexander’s father quickly moved and started choking his sons with both of his hands.

“What did you actually do with my horses?! I demand to know or else your life will end here right now!” Alexander’s father said, letting go of his chokehold of his son to let him respond.

Alexander gasping for air said “If you want the truth, I was racing with the horses with Marcus.”

“I hate you. Always so adventurous and acting without at a care in life. My horses are used to travel long distance places not for some stupid race!”

Alexander’s father punched his son in the jaw. Blood was around his gums, it hurt Alexander but it didn’t bother him like it usually did and his father noticed this.

“Might I ask you why the hell you were just starting at a wall before I came in, you were starting at the damn wall for ages?” Alexander’s father questioned his son.

“Listen you will probably laugh at this and call me crazy and whatever but I heard a voice it was really strange as their was no one around us apart from me and Marcus and it was definitely not Marcus‘s voice but sounded familiar. Alexander said almost not believing himself as it sounds so stupid.

Instead of laughing like Alexander expected him to do, Alexander’s father questioned his son saying “what did the voice say to you” in a soft voice.

Alexander was shocked and stunned his father hadn’t spoke in a soft voice to him in a long, long time. “The words were, DON’T GO TO WAR, IT’LL HARM YOU”

Alexander’s father looked puzzled which also puzzled his son. For the first time in a long time Alexander’s father felt useless, his son could tell.

Alexander’s father then respectfully said “Go and get cleaned up, son.” as he left the room.

Alexander was speechless his father never calls him “son” he usually says that he hates Alexander and called him a disappointment. Alexander felt a moment of happiness but quickly turned into being confused once more as he could tell his father heard the words too by his face. Alexander got up and decided to follow his dad’s instructions and get cleaned up.
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