The ww1 soldier

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Chapter 4

A few days after Alexander heard the voice war had officially broke out. Alexander was now unsure if he was going to war or not due to the mysterious voice. However Alexander’s dad was going to register to the war at dawn the very next day.

Alexander actually felt a bit sad that his father was not going to be around despite the way he treated him before. Alexander could see that his father was a changed man. Alexander dreamt the day his father would be away from him but now that it has arrived he didn’t really want him to leave.

Alexander walked into the living room and could hear the rain pouring down on the windows. He saw in the living room his father staring at the fireplace unaware of his son’s presence. The room felt really cold despite the fireplace’s warmth.

Alexander was about to walk away but his father said “do you have a moment to spare?”

Alexander turned around, confused he said “uhh sure, what do you want?”

“I need you to stay with your mother. I taught you how to farm, you do remember what I taught you?” Alexander’s father said

Alexander spoke “yes I do remember but I want to fight for my country.”

“Your mother let’s say doesn’t do well alone. Also warfare is a very difficult process, physically and mentally. I’m not sure you are ready for it, especially for someone as young as yourself.” his father stated.

“What if the war isn’t over by Christmas, like the government says it’ll be?” Alexander said

Alexander’s father sighed in knowing that his son will keep persisting to join this war. He gave in and said to his son “Listen here Alexander, if I’m not back by a year on this very day. Then you can go to war and I need you to keep this promise.”

Alexander wanted to go now as he thought that the war will end by Christmas but decided that he’ll follow what his father has told him and won’t join the war till a year on this very day, he nodded his head to his father and his father turned around back to stare at the fireplace.

Alexander decided to read a book to pass the time on this cold and wet rainy day. The book quickly captured his interest, it was about the art of warfare. Alexander didn’t want to take his eyes of it and after a hour and bit he read the whole book. Alexander as soon as he finished the book quickly checked to see who had wrote this book to see if he had written anything similar to this book however the author was unknown.

Alexander mumbled to himself “Why is it always the good books that don’t have any authors?! It’s just my damn luck probably.”

9pm had arrived, Alexander decided that he wasn’t going to wake up at 6AM to meet his father one last time before he leaves. Alexander however failed to go asleep quickly due to constant thoughts keeping him awake. Eventually after loads of tossing and turning he was asleep.

Alexander woke up and immediately went downstairs to greet his dad however he saw on the clock he had overslept a bit and that instead of 6AM it was 7AM. Alexander cursed at himself for failing to get up earlier to meet his dad one last time before the war.

Alexander however saw a note on the living room door that was pinned. Immediately Alexander ran to the door to see what it said, the note said

“Dear son, I know I wasn’t the best father to you and for that I just want to say I’m sorry for all the pain I have caused you. I know this doesn’t make it up, nothing ever will but the horses you raced with your friend are all yours and that you can race with the horses with your friend whenever your mother allows you to do so. Also son I just wanna say that their is a chance I will die in this war and I just wanna say that I love you.

Alexander heard footsteps behind him and turned around to see that I was his mother’s and immediately hugged each-over. Both knowing that this could possible be the last they ever heard of him.
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