The ww1 soldier

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Chapter 5

It was now Christmas Eve and has been some time since Alexander’s father left for war. Alexander though of his father constantly and whether he was still alive or not. He also wondered where his father was fighting as he never told him. Alexander daily read the newspaper to see what was going on in the war.

Alexander looked outside his window to see the beautiful starry night. Alexander listened to the wind blowing and hearing the wildlife of the night. Alexander always thought that the countryside was always better than the industrialised cities as the wildlife there can’t compare to the wildlife of the countryside.

Alexander decided to go to bed as he couldn’t wait to unwrap his presents in the morning. Alexander decided that it was time to go to sleep so he went to his bed and lay down.

Alexander heard the wildlife all of a sudden stopped making noise, he found this strange but still did not open his eyes. Alexander felt a strange presence around him, this made him get up out of his bed to investigate on what was going on. Alexander quietly stepped out of the room to a dimly lit passageway and quietly went downstairs. Alexander could barely see anything but all of a sudden he heard footsteps outside his house.

Alexander immediately slipped his shoes on and armed himself and got a bow and some arrows that was in the kitchen draw and ran outside and saw a figure move out of sight to his right. He fired the arrow and it went straight to the dark night. He fired more arrows, several of them missing the target by a mile as the figure was running.

Alexander was down to one arrow and the figure was getting further away from him. Alexander decided that this needed to be hit to perfection. Alexander fired the arrow with not much speed as he did before but for it to be accurate and the arrow made contact with it’s victim screaming in pain.

“It actually worked!” Alexander said to himself as he approached where the figure had landed. Alexander approached where the figure had landed however the only thing that was the arrow the body was nowhere to be found and no blood.

Alexander thought to himself on how this happened he knew he heard a scream of pain but their is no sign of a body. The wind blew cold behind him and Alexander just stood their looking at the trees. All of a sudden Alexander heard footsteps and turned around to see his mother walking to him.

“What is the meaning of this?! You charged in the night with a bow and arrows for what?” Alexander’s mother furiously said.

“I had a bad feeling that something was off and went downstairs to investigate and I saw a figure so I chased after it and I hit it but I don’t know where the body went to, it’s like it was never here!” Alexander told him mum.

“The reason why it wasn’t there is because it never existed Alexander! You imagined this whole situation intentionally or unintentionally I can never be certain with you and your antics.” Alexander’s mother said with a annoyed tone.

“This isn’t a antic, I swear! I actually saw this, strange stuff has been happening these last 6 months. Their is no way that this is all a coincidence.” Alexander said to his mother.

“Whatever, you ruined Christmas day and somehow even made it worse than last Christmas. Having a normal Christmas in this family seems to be impossible anyway go back home and go asleep for a few hours.” Alexander’s mother ranted.

Alexander nodded at his mum and went back home and went asleep for a few hours. Alexander woke up the next day unwrapped his presents and got a chess board which is what he wanted. However Alexander didn’t care too much about Christmas Day, what he mainly cared about was the weird activity that has been happening since the voice by the river said “DON’T GO TO WAR, IT’LL HARM YOU.”

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