The ww1 soldier

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Chapter 6

It was now the night before the 1 year anniversary that his father went to war. He took a good look at his room knowing that this could be his last time ever in there. He then walked down the creepy stairs and opened the front door and stepped outside to the night. He then set off to the woods to meet Marcus.

Alexander could barely see a thing only using the very limited light he had around him. Eventually Alexander saw a camp fire and saw his friend sitting on a log.

“So you ready for war?” Marcus questioned his friend.

“I believe so. What about you?” Alexander said.

“Sure, have you got any food?” Marcus eagerly asked his friend.

Alexander got 2 apples out and threw one at his friend to he could catch it.

“Is this all you got? like seriously”

“We won’t have much to eat in the trenches anyway Marcus.”

Marcus just nodded his head in agreement.

“Anyway let’s go to sleep as it’s late.” Marcus said.

Both of them went to their tents that Marcus had set up for the both of them earlier. Marcus went to sleep basically straight away as Alexander heard his friend’s loud snoring. Alexander headers the wildlife around him and using that he went to sleep.

The next morning Alexander woke up his friend and they both packed their things and set off. After a few hours travelling they finally reached a register office. Alexander was nervous but excited as well. They both entered the register office to see a middle aged man in the office who immediately smiled once seeing them both.

“Young Alexander I’ve been waiting for you all day. I must say I’m glad to have finally met the son of Daniel.” The guy at the office said.

Alexander looked puzzled and looked at his friend who just shrugged.

“How do you know who I am” Alexander questioned the man.

“Your father told me who you’re before he registered and he told me that you would come here around on this date. You look a lot alike as well so even if he didn’t tell me I would’ve guessed.”

“How did you meet with my father then?”

The man took a sip of his drink on his desk and then spoke saying

“Me and your father met originally at school and we became friends. We were two different people but yet made good friends. We pursued different paths but still kept in contact by letter.

“Oh makes sense” Alexander said.

“Anyway, who is your friend”

Marcus spoke up “my name is Marcus Heldberg sir”

“You Swedish by any chance?” the man said.

“Yeah sir, my dad was born there and my mum is English”

The man raised a eyebrow but went on to say

“Sweden is a nice country. Went to Stockholm it was nice, people were very friendly.” The man said

“So can we enlist for the war?” Alexander said.

“I am technically not meant to let you or your friend enlist for war however since your father said you can and I and your father are friends I’ll make an exception for you and your friend.”

“Thank you” Alexander said.

“So I assume you are hungry, their is a cafe if you just turn left on this street. The food is free as well as I and the owner are good friends.” the man said.

Thank you that is much appreciated.” Alexander said.

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