The ww1 soldier

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Chapter 7

Today was the last day of training before the soldiers would go to war. Alexander looked nervous where as Marcus looked confident.

The officer looked at his soldiers walking back and fourth until he funnily broke the silence “So gentlemen, today like you know is your last day of training. These last three months on the you have learned the basics of war. Today you shall practise you shooting, so get out your rifles.”

The soldiers got their rifles practising their aim against a target. Eventually it was Alexander’s turn. Alexander’s hands were shaking, he knew his aim was bad. He shot his rifle with the bullet hitting the arm of the target. Alexander saw his officer rolling his eyes, this made him angry, he shot 2 bullets quickly but both missed the target by a land-shot due to his lack of concentration.

“Is that the best you can do? That was awful, you will be killed quick in the trenches with a aim like that!”

Alexander didn’t reply but inside he was trembling with anger and wanted to give the officer a pie we of his mind. Not long after it was Marcus’s turn, Marcus looked focus and ready like he usually did. Marcus fired his rifle, his first shot hit the target’s chest and the second and third one hit the head of the target. The officer smile and the other soldiers applauded him.

“You see private Byron, that is how you shoot your rifle unlike your pathetic technique.”

Alexander was now pissed, all his officer had ever did to him was humiliate him in-front of his peers. He was also happy for his friend however jealous that he can aim, shoot and concentrate way better than him.

A few hours later the last training day had ended and tomorrow he would have to travel to the English Channel on foot until they reach it, then take the boats to get to France. Alexander was exhausted and honestly regretted his decision joining the war already as it tired him and it was only training. Alexander knew now though that soon it will be the real deal and he will be fighting for his life in the war and he had no time being tired.

Marcus came into the room and immediately received a round of applause by everyone as he had gained the fellow soldiers respect. Marcus sat down by Alexander once the applause had stopped and everyone came back doing their own thing.

“Why haven’t you improved your aim, it’s honestly hilarious missing the target like that.” Marcus said.

Alexander didn’t respond, mainly because he had no response to it. He was ashamed of himself and his failures in the training camp. Marcus saw his friend’s disappointment in himself and said to his friend

“Don’t get yourself too worked up, your aim will improve overtime.” Marcus tried to comfort his friend however Alexander could tell that his friend was not telling the truth. Alexander smiled as his friend left to go talk to the other soldiers.

Night came and Alexander looked around the room as his fellow soldiers were snoring. Alexander knew he couldn’t go asleep and he had a match and a cigarette so he decided to go and have a smoke. Alexander snook outside to the dark night. Alexander while smoking saw a human figure watching him on the hill but couldn’t see the face. This immediately startled Alexander however as soon as he blinked it was gone.

Alexander immediately took out his cigarette threw it on the floor and stepped on it think it made him hallucinate. He went back to his bed and just stared at the wall for the rest of the night. The shadow human figure was following him and he knew it.

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