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The Throne race (Book 1)

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Elijah Faun. Son of King Eric Faun of the Kingdom of Botania. One of the 3 princes and in contention for the throne. He is a genius in the art of war and combat but how will that compare to his equally genius brothers who are just as hungry for the throne as he is. All while having to deal with a hidden conspiracy to kill the king and remove the royal bloodline.

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1

Fire. It's the first thing he notices when he regains consciousness. His quarters are burning. His curtains are burning. He takes a moment to realise the situation he's in and it's not looking so good.
Smoke is filling the room he's in and quickly replacing all breathable air in its stead.

He has to get out. He has to find a way to escape. He attempts to gather his bearings and remain calm. He finds the exit right behind his back. Feeling a glimmer of hope, he rushes to it amidst all the smoke while covering his nose with his handkerchief and within a few seconds he's across the room and in front of the door.

He yanks it open and take his first breath of fresh air in an attempt to dispel all the smoke that found its way into his lungs.

As he was recovering, he suddenly felt it. His body was held in place by a hand he didn't recognize and his abdomen was struck with a foreign cold object and pierced right through. It only took him a moment to realise this abnormality in his body and just as he had felt it, it was gone. In its place was unimaginable pain.

He turned around to look at his assailant and saw a large robust figure in a black coat standing a few inches from him and wearing a large black coat with a hood to cover his face. His right hand holding a sword dripping with his blood on it.

As his consciousness faded he couldn't help but ask one thing, "Why?" The answer he received was a swing of the sword to his head, chopping it off and sending it rolling as its body fell backwards.

As it rolled on the ground, the eyes on the face of the man revealed a lot of emotions, Indignance at the way he died. Anger at his enemies and of course reluctance as he didn't want to die so soon. But who would care about the feelings of a dead man.

The black robed figure looked at the scene in front of him and hurriedly made his exit. Leaving a headless body and a bodiless head for the man's servants to find him in the morning.

* The next day*

It was a beautiful day in the kingdom of Fanus. As the sun was rising, it brought with it all the hopes and dreams of countless nobles and peasants alike, Prince Elijah Faun was no different. He had risen early that morning to gaze outside the window to watch as the first rays of the sun illuminate his Kingdom and his people to remind him why he was striving for the throne.

Elijah Faun was the son of King Eric Faun and Queen Marissa Faun. He and his brothers were all born on the same day, of the same month, of the same year. That's right The three princes of the kingdom of Fanus were triplets.

This little piece of information might not necessarily be that important if it wasn't for one matter. The right to be named King of Fanus. All three princes had a legitimate claim to be king.

To make matters worse they were all considered extraordinary geniuses in their own right so no one could put one prince over the others. One wouldn't know whether this could be considered a blessing or a curse for the Kingdom when faced with princes such as these.

"My prince, your father, His Majesty The King, requires your presence at the dining table for breakfast. " Said Limpton, the royal butler, whose been serving the royal family long before King Eric took the throne.

"I'll be out in a minute, thank you Limpton." Elijah said as he put on his cotton shirt and Black trousers along with his black leather shoes to match. He tied his shoulder length hair back in a ponytail. After checking himself in the mirror he stepped out of the room and headed towards the dining hall.

He made his way through the long castle hallways. His footsteps echoing in the hallways as the sun's rays beamed in through the windows along the walls.

After a few minutes of walking through the maze-like hallways of the castle he finally arrived at two large wooden doors and two guards standing at each side guarding the entrance.

As they saw him approach, they gave a salute before opening the doors, allowing him to walk in.

As he entered the room, he immediately felt four pairs of eyes staring at him, he looked at the direction from which they came and met with three pairs of brown eyes and a single pair of sky blue eyes. These eyes were obviously those of his parents and his brothers.

The tension was palpable as Elijah faced his two competitors and sparks flew as their eyes met.

Oh yes, breakfast today was going to be very delightful indeed.
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