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Angel from hell

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It's human nature to blame fate for every calamity that descends upon him. Misery seems to follow Evelyn around but she is determined to rise from the depths of hell. Will Evelyn become an angel, escape hell, or will the demons there break her spirit?

Action / Drama
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Chapter 1

"My heart rages around like an ocean in my head because there are so many things that I left unsaid"

Demons live within all of us. Chaos is part of everyone’s life. The only difference some choose to share their nightmares and some hide behind a facade. These thoughts drown me as I stare into the vast sky. The sun setting on the horizon, drowning every hope of light. The darkness consumes the world as the reddish-orange sky transfigures into the sea of darkness. The cold breeze, that would usually relax me sent a shiver down my spine as the harsh reality set inside me.

I was alone, with nowhere to go, with nowhere to turn to. I stood up watching the sunset completely. It’s kinda scary how fast the night changes. One moment, I was enveloped into the warm embrace of my parents and now they lie cold on the floor with a pool of blood around them. My mother’s eyes, which were always filled with hope were now cold as ice. The sound of police sirens was like nails scratching a chalkboard. As any more tears refuse to leave my eyes. I got up and headed towards the beach, which was always my solace, my own personal heaven, which bought us here with me drowning my sorrow. By tomorrow, the death of my parents will become a headline, and by the end of the week, they will just be one of the thousand people who die every day in New York. The “City that never sleeps” became my parent’s bed for eternal sleep.

As much as I would love to drown in this sea and end my suffering. It's not a valid excuse to escape this life. I got up and went to the nearest coffee shop. I was in no mood to go home. “Home” is made from people and now that they had left. It was just a large house where my parents spent their entire lives and I spent my childhood. The ghost of the past was hell-bent on making me lose my mind so I went to Helen’s. She was a cheery old lady who owned a coffee shop right down the road. She lost her son and rarely made sense but according to her.

“You're just as sane as I am”. Guess she was right. The jingle of the wind chime and the aroma of the coffee made me feel right at home. After placing my order, I took a seat at my usual seat beside the window. Sipping at the coffee, I stared at the passersby. People hurrying down the streets, kids along with their parents heading to god-knows-where. Everybody seemed to be so busy in their own world. The November sky was as dark as night. Then I had a sonder, a realization that maybe I am not alone. Maybe the lady in red had an evenly fucked up life.

This comforting thought lasted only for a minute. All the tranquility and peace evaporated as the bang of gunshots broke me out of my thoughts. My eyes searched for the origin of the shot and I saw a man withering in agony on the floor. Another one towered him, The fear kept me rooted to the spot. the man tried to blabber something I couldn't figure out due to his cries. He was quietened by another gunshot. I was paralyzed. As I saw the scene in front of me. My eyes met a pair of deep blue ones. They were the kind that makes you want to drown in them. yet there was no emotion in them. They were empty as hell was of devils.

He moved across the room to approach me. This bought me out of my trance as I realized the seriousness of the situation. “What your name, sweetheart”. I had to look up to face this demon. despite his actions, my mind couldn't admire his handsomeness. He was the kind who made you enjoy your time in hell. “I asked a question” He inquired again in a harsher tone. “Evelyn” I answered in a shaky voice. He seemed to ponder for a moment then signaled to another man. “Bring her back without any harm”

I couldn't even comprehend this sentence as a black cloth-covered my mouth and I fell asleep. Apparently, the drug they gave me knocked me out really bad as I woke up to a splitting headache. I tried to move my hand but surprise surprise, they were tied. This was exactly like any other kidnapping scene, you would see in a movie but the only difference was that instead of a cold, dark basement. I was in a pastel-themed room and instead of being tied to a wooden chair. I was tied to a four-poster bed. To say I was confused was an understatement. If he was about to kill me, why bring me here?

The scene at the coffee shop played in my mind like a broken record player, again and again. I was scared. Scared about Helen, all the rest of the customers, scared about the future. Misery seems to be attracted to me. I just lost my parents and now life is playing a fucked up game with me. Wonder if the problem is me? I was searching my soul to find the answer to this question when I felt the door open. A girl not older than 19 entered the room. Her eyes cast downwards as if she couldn't dare to look at me.

Finally, she spoke "Master wants you to be ready and in his study in 15 minutes" If I wasn't freaked out as hell, I would have scoffed but her pale face told me not to. She untied me and led me to the shower. I was too tired and worn out to protest. After a shower, not long enough for my liking. I got out and saw a black dress laid on the bed with the girl nowhere to be seen. I got dressed as my old clothes were full of sand from the beach. After untangling my hair, the best I could with my fingers. I stepped out of the room to find myself in a long hall. That girl forgot to mention one teeny-tiny detail. Where is the damn study?

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