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His White Fire

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She doesn't rise from the ashes, she makes them. She is the whole fucking fire. . . What is he is to you? her sister asked. "Nothing". She replied. ~Then LEAVE him. ~Yes, thats the plan. . . What is she is to you? his bestfriend asked. "My Everything" he replied. ~ Then MARRY her. ~ Yes, thats the plan. . . "You fucking killed my Fiancee, do you think i will let you go so easily" he said so calmly in a dangerous tone. "What do you want me to do?" she questioned. He stared at her intensively and answered. "I will give you two options to choose from." "Marry Me or....

Action / Thriller
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Chapter 1

in the future

"You know what Kanaan, you love me. Your soul loves me. And you know why because I don't erase your demons. I satisfy them. I challenge them and It excites them. But you are afraid. Your demons are afraid of me. Because they know they are addicted to me. And they will never find someone like me in this whole world. That's why you never accept that you love me. That's why you fuck me every night like a hungry man but never kiss me. Because you feel the day you will kiss me again will be your last day with your demons as they will become my slaves. That's why you will never dare to do it. And I am tired of living like this, of your possessive behaviour. You are a fucking possessive alpha male. That's why every morning you give me bite marks to mark your territory, to let everyone know that Mr Kanaan Chaudhary owns my soul and my body." She said in one breathe while looking into his livid eyes.
"But you could never own my heart" she whispered in rage but even she couldn't believe this statement.

He was looking at her. He knew whatever she said was true but he would never accept that in front of her. He calmed himself and "Who said I want your heart. I only own beautiful things and your heart is surely not beautiful. But I own your beautiful body. Your body is mine, my fucking possession. You are only good for fucking and nothing else." confessed to hurt her while moving closer towards her.
She looked at her with her for like eyes with so much pain in them.
His words pierced her heart and her heart cried in silence. She thought he would accept it. But no, he didn't. She saw him moving towards her.
"Don't you dare to come any closer or touch me with your filthy hands or I swear I would beat you up to the pulp?" She reacted.
He wanted to laugh at her. How adorable she looks while saying this, he thought with a smile. But he knew she was strong, any other man would have been lying on the floor till now. She was always like this, always so strong. Her warning fueled him and instead of one he took two steps at a time and pinned her on the wall before she could comprehend his move.

"Can you repeat what you said Miss Rineet? I couldn't hear you from so far." He mocked.
She began struggling in his grip but he had pinned her hands over her head and her legs between his legs in a stronghold. She couldn't move. She knew he was much stronger and faster than her even more than before. She felt his manhood poking her stomach and she slowed her movements a bit so as not to provoke him.

"Leave me you, idiot. Are you always this stupid or today is a special occasion?" She asked him annoyingly with a flustered face.
"And I know whatever I said before was right. I know what you think and when." She told him while gazing into his deep eyes.
"You know stupidity is an infectious disease and I have been acting like this since I touched you. So maybe you should consult a doctor. And well my raging fire if you could read my mind then you'd be either traumatized or highly sexually aroused." He said with a smirk on his face.
Her stopped struggling and narrowed her eyes to his words and he encircled her waist with one hand and choked her neck with the other while moving her more closer towards him. How delicate and strong she looks, like a fire, he thought. His white fire. And he did the mistake, he shouldn't do. His demons became her slaves after his blunder mistake.
He slammed his lips with her catching her off guard.

To be continued...

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