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Fox & Guns

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Fritz is fighting on the front lines of the aptly named war of mud by the soldiers on the ground. Part of an advanced shock trooper unit that takes deadly excursions into enemy lines his first taste of war is the town of Breakov. While fighting there is fierce and bloody he meets a mysterious girl with a fox tail and ears and a unfamiliar uniform. Taking her to be just another of her race expressing loyalty to the Gramen Empire and a thorough set of knowledge on military tactics He lets her fight by his side. Yet he still questions her loyalty and watches her every move for signs of a traitor. Will she help with victory in battle or bring there section of the front to ruin leaving them to be over run?

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They say in the town of Breakov if you look out into the rolling hills at night, you can see a glint of a silver haired fox the size of a wolf running around on the nights of a bright moon. A unique sight that many have come to accept as a myth as those who reside here have not seen her in some time. It merely became a tale passed down that the silver fox of Breakov protected them from raiders, ruffians, and foreign military’s. Her laughter could be heard and send shivers down there spine with her speed with a flash of silver in the dark adding to their fear, and if they tried to attack the village she would bear her fangs and claws at them.

Yet for those and several generations before them they have not seen the fox bounding along the plains or heard her laughter in the dark.

“They depend on the country to protect them so there is no need for me here anymore” was her thoughts as her name slowly became one with myth and legend of the town. How they became to depend on a fox to defend them no one knows. But the fox knew her time would once again come for her to be needed as the clouds of conflict loomed and there was no escaping it.

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