The Elements Children

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Long ago, the four elements Air, Water, Earth, and Fire combined their powers to create earth. But what they didn't know is where they made the earth there was a darkness the was consuming everything. The elements were to busy to battle the darkness so the had kids who would battle the darkness. But with having kids they had to die as part of fate, so they kept having kids. The battle has raged on for centuries and new kids have been born. This is my first story hope you enjoy.

Action / Fantasy
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Chapter One

Hi my name is Perseus Valdez, and I am battling an ancient darkness. Sorry let me start from the beginning. So I never knew my mothet and lived with my dad and sister, and I got into a lot if trouble everywhere I went. At school I would pull pranks because the school I went to was boring so I lightened it up a bit. I found it really funny but everyone else didn't and I got kicked out. My dad sent me to a military school, and he always says I'm restless like the sea, anyway I got kicked out of military school which everyone couldn't believe. But in military school I some cool kids that got kicked out with me. Leo Jackson, Hazel Grace, and Jason Levesque. And as it turns out they lived on the other side of town. And as we started hanging out we discovered that we have cool powers. I could control eater, Leo could control fire, Hazel earth, and Jason air. Later on in the year we were visited by being that said they were the elements. They showed us a vision and we couldn't believe it. We of all people had to save the world from an ancient darkness. They started to teach us how to contron our powers. They said we would use them to keep the darkness at bay. We asked them how they knew about our powers and then the said "We are your parents who gave you this power." We were very surprised. Butbwe soon learned to control our powers, but are parents said it isn't time to fight and we will know when it is time to fight.
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