Eye of the Storm

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After sacrificing herself to save her family, Alessandra’s back in Javier’s clutches. Having escaped once before, she knows Javier won’t let her go; his obsession with her won’t let him. He’s taken her and fled with his cartel, escaping Luciano Moretti’s, her father’s, rage. Or so he thinks. When Alessa first saw one of Javier’s minions, she began making plans to take the cartel down, once and for all. But with Javier watching her like a hawk, she can’t implement them herself. She resorts to using her allies within the cartel. When Angelo saw her packing, he knew he might not see his twin sister again. But he’d lost her once. He’s not about to lose her again. Determined to find her, he joins forces with the Shadows to track down and rescue her. But Alessa’s hidden things from him and this is one of them. How can he rescue her when he has no idea what he’s dealing with? His sister left breadcrumbs. It’s up to him and her boyfriend to follow the clues to get her back.

Action / Romance
Nykki Ann
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


Silencio ~ silence
Vamos ~ let’s go
España ~ Spain

It has been almost a year since I drove away from my family. After escaping Javier once before, it felt strange to be going back. I wanted nothing more than to run away as far as I could get, but every time I thought about it, I remember I am doing this for my family. I could run and hide, but he will only lure me back, using my family as bait. So, I suck it up and hold my head up high. Javier has no idea who he is messing with. His day will come. I just have to be patient.

It is only so much I can take when I am around Javier 24/7. My room is even next to his, and I cannot do anything without him, Enrique, or Catalina around. The latter two I do not mind, but Javier has had me around him most of the time. Even if its just sitting in his office, there I am by his side, unwillingly. He would glance at me from time to time with a satisfied look, like that is where he wants me to be. The first time he did it, I made sure to set him straight.

We had just returned from dropping my family back at home and walked through the door to Javiers base. Instantly, we were surrounded by his men. Questions were being yelled and the men pushed each other, trying to get a glimpse at the cause of the ruckus. Catalina rolled her eyes and crossed her arms, waiting for the men to settle down. Enrique whistled loudly, getting their attention.

"Silencio," he boomed, his voice bouncing off the walls. The men quieted and moved aside, creating a path for us. As we passed, I could hear them murmuring. Most knew who I was. Some did not. It was the newer members murmuring, trying to figure out who I was and why I was here. Ignoring the men, we walked to Javier's office and entered. He still had not gotten anyone to clean the room, sitting on his new chair, waiting for us to return. Once he set his sights on me, he jumped out of the chair, grinning wildly.

"Now that she has returned, we can finish what we started all those years ago," he mused quietly, thinking no one heard him, but I did.

"I have called a meeting," he started.

"Is that why the men jumped us when we returned?" I interrupted him. His expression darkened briefly before his grin returned. Ooh, scary, I thought sarcastically. I wish he would lay a finger on me. It would do him good to remember my warning. I am about 10 seconds away from killing him.

"Jumped? That will not do. They need to learn," he mumbled to himself, pacing across the room. "They will run her off. They cannot do that. I need her here."

I cleared my throat. "What are you talking about? Why did you declare a meeting?"

"To welcome you back, of course. And this time, for good," he cheered after snapping out of his thoughts. "Vamos."

He walked out, expecting us to follow. Exchanging glances with Enrique and Catalina, we followed him. After a while, we did not need him to lead us. We had begun to follow the sounds of his men bounced off the walls. As we walked in, the men quieted down, seeing their leaders. Once their eyes set on me, gasps were heard.

"Silencio!" Javier yelled. The hushed murmurs ceased as they shifted their attention away from me. "As you can see, we have a new member. I am sure you have heard of Diabla or Regina. I am ecstatic to welcome back Diabla. It is pleasure to have you on our side again, Alessandra."

The men erupted with questions and demands.

"Why is she here?"

"Is she not with them?"

I tuned them out, looking over the crowd, ignoring Javier's watchful eyes. They seemed to blend together, an indistinct blob floating in an ocean. My eyes locked with a pair of purple eyes. Interesting. Seems as if Javier has changed things a little, I thought to myself. Her eyes and her hair stood out in the crowd. Her red and blue braids resembled a cartoon villain. What is the name? Harley Quinn? They were pulled into two ponytails like her. Her bronze skin contrasted greatly but accentuated both aspects.

"Who is she?" I asked lowly to Catalina, nodding to the girl leaning against the wall boredly. Cat followed my gaze.

"That is Khaleesi. She was recruited shortly after you left. Her history is unknown," she briefly whispered to me. I hummed. She was young, around my age when I was here last. As Javier talked, I found myself observing her. Her arms were crossed and bruising apparent. Before I could inquire about them, Javier announced loudly, "We are moving to our base in España. Pack your things. We leave at once."

I watched with raised eyebrows as the men rushed to leave, trampling over others. It was an unusual sight to see. To see them literally push others out the way and rush to pack their things was strange. I questioned how bad things got while I was away. Once all the men were gone, it was Catalina, Enrique, Khaleesi left in the room with me. Khaleesi rested against the wall, observing me.

"So, you are the one they fussed about, sí?" she inquired. I tucked my hands in my pockets and shrugged.

"So it seems. What is your story?" I asked her, walking towards her. Catalina and Enrique rushed to my sides. Whether it was protection or support, I do not know. The teen was not dangerous. She appeared unbothered and apathetic. She tilted her head. "My story?"

". Everyone has one. What is yours? How did you end up here?" I questioned. Her eyes flickered to the two at my sides. Sensing her hesitance, I turned to them.

"Do you not have work that needs to be done or belongings that need to be packed?" I asked them. They glanced at each other.

"We will not leave you alone with her," Enrique stated.

"Why? Do you think I cannot handle myself?" I asked with a raised brow. Catalina shook her head.

"It is not that," Cat started.

"What you can do to her is our concern," Enrique clarified. I waved off his worries. I am not going to hurt an innocent kid.

"I just want to talk. She seems interesting," I stated. They exchanged glances before leaving me and Khaleesi. Once they left, I turned back to her.

"So, you were saying?" I prodded. "Why are you with Javier?"

"It seemed like a good option at the time. They had just lost someone and I needed a place to stay and food to eat," she replied vaguely. "What is your story?"

"Ah, I am the one they lost. Rather, I left and rejoined with my family," I answered. Something about her was off-putting. Maybe it was because she was a kid, like Dimitri. You remind me of someone.

"Who?" she inquired. "If what I have heard about you is true, I hope that I remind you of a person that is on your good side."

The corners of my lips turned up as I placed an arm around her shoulders. "Do not worry. I like you. I do not say that about many people."

"So, I should feel special?"

"You should feel safe. Those I like, I protect. Those I do not like, well they are not heard from again," I informed her. She hummed, playing with the ends of her braids.

"Let us go. I believe we have some packing to do," I suggested.

"Back to España," the teen remarked. Yes, back to the place I could never forget. The place where it all started.
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