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Eve it is a teeneger of 16 who live the first pandemic away of their family and friends, when that nightmare finished and starts the the second nightmare, she realise the humanity was selfish to think that the planet it won't destroy itself with them. but surviving all the waves she realised that the world she's been knowning for sixtenth years. it know totally unknowed for her.

Action / Adventure
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A few years ago the civilitzacion suffer about a pandemic virus called covid-19 or better known by coronavirus. Since it's fast spread through the world, the whole globe has remain for a while in quarantine. Humanity spend one year waiting for that day where they can back to their old life, like it was. Everyone were missing that human contant that it was so special conectiont between beans.

After a year regularitzating the quarantine, and giving messages of hope to finally arrived that wish day. Finally the vaccine arrived, so many deads, and many ills to find finally find that vaccine which everything will back on its correct course.
Everyone were vaccined in their time, until everyone gets clean, and for a short time everything was amazing, get back to made friends, it was a difficult step for everyone, for some were easy thouse who at least get thouse friends in the past years it wasn' so difficult on their way, however for some that was a little struggle if they were strangers and they weren't not long enough for had friends, but it wasn't something they couldn't deal, get back to sit down outside in summer while everyone was enjoying that beer and anything for eat, see your family. After that lovely period everything were a fantasy book one of thouse whose stated perfect, but as usually humatiny once again made another and huge mistake, they reopen the pandoras box, the climate change comes fast that everyone expect, war, hunger, everything it was destroying itself or better said humanity once again killed the planet somehow it was the price to pay.
After the big stroms and the earthquicks,uncontrolable fires, ... the world it was almost empty, but the rules of society changes for thouse who lives. But society changed drastically, where people have differents classes that dissapear, there was the rich whom can permitted luxury, they were disgustly luxurius, and thouse who survive with nothing thouse pour miserables, they were fighting to live. Some familiars were slotter in a brutal hunt on themself, while the rest of the pour people were watching how they were killing themself.
The only hope they were holding was one day someone so miserable as them, will hit this madness of the rich people making them paid for this atrocities.
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