The Story Of Argabani

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From Zero to Hero

Milo Deito Worldwîde
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Chapter 1

Once upon a time in the middle deep rain forest of Afrika in a land called Twembuchi. There lived a Man by the name of Jagaban who was very poor such that a bicycle was the only asset he had.Fortunetly he was loved by the most beautiful Princess who was always guided by either her bodyguards or handmaids. Other members of the community could mistakenly call her "Jagaban's wife" because of the love She portrayed for him but unfortunately, She was never allowed to talk to strangers or anyone who did not belong to the royal family and this made there relationship with Jagaban so difficult. One day Jagaban set out for a ride at the river and on the way he met the princess and the handmaids . No sooner did the princess jump on the bicycle than Jagaban took to his wheel. The hand maids where shocked that they didn't believe what they saw in there eyes. they had broken the king's vows outside there own will hence they rushed back to the palace to give a report as Jagaban and the princess took a ride to the river. Immediately they reached the stream.........😱😱😱.....Guess what happened???? Chapter 2 coming soon. be updated @fkshoots photography as the story continues.
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