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The Gangster's Share

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In love with a gangster unknowingly

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"I miss the real you!" Exclamed Zengani.... "I really want to see your face and that's the issue" as the network tripped and the phone call cut abruptly.
Zengani and Malenga had been dating for 2 years. They first met up during high school at Choma day high school in the 11th grade.
Zengani was very intelligent maanje ba Malenga ka intelligence was ku wire and this resulted into a bond between them. During the last exam paper, Zengani was caught helping Malenga which resulted into him being banned for 5 years for exam malpractice......"surely last chances end up in tears sometimes but what can you do if love wants you to do it?" Its called Sacrifice.
Zengani was from the East part of Dundumwezi while Malenga was from the North part but after Exams and all the tragedy that occured to him. Zengani left the village and decided to go look for a job in the City as he gave the last kiss to malenga under the moonlight covered in the Baobab tree.after 3 months of being away,Malenga's decided to give a break to there relationship as the distance was not doing them fine and a few weeks after that
Zengani found a job in the City but unfortunately his job was to kidnap Virgins.Zengani worked as an urgent with his team together with there boss who was Incognito.No one was allowed to share personal information amongest themselves.
After 8 months of working. Zengani become very rich but no one knew about it apart from his parents as kept on sending money for them as they kept on asking him when his coming back. " Surely even after all the bad decisions and evil things that a man can do, he can never forget his parents"
After 18 Months, Zengani decided to quit his evil job and asked for forgiveness from God.
He went back to the village in a Benz but as he approached the village, he disguised himself to be the same old poor Zangani.
Zangeni called the x girlfrnd Malenga who was aswell excited when she heard Zengani was coming home.
" lets meet under the Baobab tree where we last kissed" Malenga was so excited cause she had never moved on even after taking a break in there relationship. " its true if you really love the person you can't just move on easily!!!"
Zengani reached Dundmwezi at night and decided to meet Malenga on the same very night at the same spot they last kissed. He reached there first and waited for Malenga to come.
It was close to 23hrs and the moon was full as Malenga came riding on a bicycle. Zengani was shocked when he saw Malenga coming 100 meters away coming even after being away from home from such a long time but still accepted to meet him. The only thought that came to Zengani's mind was a marriage proposal but as Malenga approached Zengani just a few meters, Zengani heard felt blood running out of his chest and the last image his eyes saw where men in Mask abducting his long term girlfrnd Malenga.
By the time the villagers came to the rescue the Men where already gone as others tried to track them down while others rushed Zengani to Clinic.
"What!!!!!"" What!!!" Iv been hit!!! "You will pay for that!!!!"....... And now the Story of War begins!!!!!!
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