The fight

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Mason and Danny have been best friends with Avery since kindergarten, ever since Mason proclaimed his love for Avery in high-school Danny no longer trusts him. Avery and Mason have been dating on and off for about ten years and now Danny has had enough of Avery being hurt by Mason and being lied too. Now the top champion fighter in his age group Danny sends out an invitation too fight Mason to end their feud and whoever wins gets Avery only problem is Avery is not a prize too be won .

Action / Romance
Miranda Pidgeon
Age Rating:

High school

Mason, Danny and I all grew up together we started out in kindergarten then the rest is pretty much history except for high school that's where Danny and Mason stopped getting along it was grade ten and I was on my way to lunch I was standing at my locker with my friends Chloe and Bella when Mason showed up with the biggest grin on his face I finish tying my hair back into a messy bun and shut my locker leaning against it smirking at him " hey Mason what's up with you ? Did you finally get a date for the spring dance?" I ask him laughing he runs his fingers threw his curly jet black hair and smirks at me " well you could say that " he says leaning closer to me I sigh rolling my eyes at him gently pushing him aside " cut it out Mason I'm already late for lunch as it is whatever it is tell me on the way " he gently grabs my wrist pulling me into his body close so close that our eyes connect my hands on his rock hard chest . " Avery ...." he looks away blushing " I love you " I blush brightly then begin running not paying attention I bump into Danny " hey Avery are you alright you look a little pale?" He was on his way back from gym Danny was one the best wrestlers on the team . During weekends he would go too the city's gym and box he loved that stuff. Danny 's older brother Chris was a solider who went to fight in Iraq and never came home , so he gets his engery out threw boxing Mason his mom died from an overdose of drugs when he was a baby he is living with his aunt and cousin. Danny looks at me offering me his water bottle " so Avery you going too tell me what or who you were running from?" I sigh looking at him " Mason " he looks at me confused his eyebrow raised " I don't understand Avery?" " I ran because he told me that he was in love with me " Danny glared at me confused and sighed " well what did you tell him Avery?" I sighed heavily beginning to cry " nothing I didn't know what too say I just ran because I'm in love with someone else but I don't think he likes me back" Danny hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead " Avery someone be stupid not too like you . you're smart , funny...beautiful and kind." I look up at him wipping my tears " you have too say that because you're my best friend " Mason runs over getting angry " what the hell is going on here?! Trying too steal my girl?" He shoves Danny violently grabbing my arm yanking me up Danny gets protective and defensive " Avery doesn't belong too anyone Mason she's not a danm toy now let her go!" Danny punches Mason Square in the nose looking at me he yells " run Avery!" I nod running all the way home later around ten at night my cell phone kept going off I was trying to avoid any calls or messages because for the last four hours Mason kept texting and calling until he filled my voice-mail box . I picked up my phone reading the text it was from Danny " Avery, I've been trying all night too call you I'm worried about you please call me back " I sigh heavily and dial his number on the second ring he picks up almost like he was waiting for me or something. " my God Avery are you alright, look I'm sorry for punching Mason but..." I cut him off " No Danny it's okay thank you for caring about me, Mason shouldn't have talked too either of us that way nor should he have grabbed me I think he's just a bit upset right now because I haven't given him an answer yet about going too the dance with him and going steady " Danny voice changes " your not seriously thinking about dating that asshole are you I mean I know he is our friend and all but shit Avery listen too what you're saying Mason needs help and I won't let him hurt you again!" I sigh my voice shaking on the phone threw tears I knew if I had too get Mason to leave Danny alone I had no choice but to date him. " Danny please , I don't have any other options Mason won't leave you alone if I...." Danny sighs " but Avery what do I have too do with anything wait a minute am I the person you're in love with?!" He shouted but I just cried I couldn't tell him how I felt it was too risky I didn't want him hurt " I can't I'm so sorry Danny good bye!" I hung up on him and for the next ten years Mason and I dated on and off he began cheating on me constantly, he would hit me and drive drunk he even forced himself on me . So after ten years of his bullshit I saw Danny's face in the paper and I stopped by his house I knocked on his door. As the door slowly opened up he took one look at me standing there in his boxers his eight pack glistening off the street lamp he pulled me in close hugging me tightly " Jesus Avery what has he done too you?" I began crying in his arms he kissed me softly " your safe now I promise he won't hurt you anymore " he took me inside and I sat on his sofa he brought me a glass of water and sat infront of me " Avery what happened?" I put my glass down " I'm sorry for coming here Danny, but he's out of control he hits me and for the last nine years he's been cheating on me....he's even forced himself on me a couple times." Danny gets up looking angry I stand up on my tip toes reaching his face " Danny please , look at me I'm ok " he leans his head against mine blushing his auburn hair and beautiful baby blues gazing into my soul . " I'll fight him " I look at him confused " what ?!" " yeah Avery I'm the best in my age group no way a has been foot ball player will beat me plus I always wanted too kick his ass " I sigh looking at him " ok but please becareful" he smirks at me happily " no sweat " I giggle at him " oh and Danny that night we talked that I hung up on you..." " yeah what about it?" He asks curiously " well you were right , I am in love with you always have been I just was afraid to tell you because I didn't want you too get hurt by Mason " he pulls me close kissing me deeply " I love you too Avery " within a month Mason got an invitation too fight Danny and a note attached saying I was no longer with him how I was always in love with Danny. I would've paid too see the look on his face getting that letter. Danny and I were at the gym every night and every day practicing and when weren't practicing boxing we were making love. I'm talking the tie me too the bed ,fuck me in the shower kinda sex Danny and I would just be out having coffee and he'd start making out with me. We've even had sex on a ferris wheel. It was all going great until this one Sunday afternoon Mason got the idea too kidnap me and throw me into a truck .
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