Orange Knight: The Interview and Life story of Orange Knight (Explicit)

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Chapter 2: Military Time

I took the combat knowledge I Learned from my father and went into the Military and learned some more combat skills and knowledge. Then I forged my own diamond swords by hand. It hurt and burned like hell. I still have the M16 And the Desert Eagle the Marine Corps gave me in honor of my service to the country because I lost a leg and an arm by frag grenades and the landmines but they grew back in about 2 hours. They said im the craziest motherfucker they have ever seen because I won’t hesitate to run into gunfire or face every danger that can kill a human.

If You want to hear my military time in detail, be aware it’s really fucked up and gorey. I finally mastered realm travel so I can travel through infinite realms then on the year June 25th 1831 I was enlisted in the United States Marine Corps because they heard I have some training that could be useful in the Marines and because I’m a crazy ass motherfucker like these fools that are willing to risk their life for there country. They Gave me training, Then after 4 or 5 years I was a trained killing machine. and a crazy motherfucker. I remember July 28, 1914 to be fucked up. World War 1 was awful, lots of people died, even my good friends. God bless their souls. They were the best killing machines I ever met in my entire life. I feel so bad for those poor souls that got their head blown off by infantry. I even got some of their brain matter and blood on my clothes and my face It was like Jackie Kennedy when her husband got assassinated and got his brain matter and blood on her clothes and face and Jesus was that a sight to see. Then Sep 1, 1939 was even worse with World War 2. It was a sight to see 6 million Jewish Folks die in gas chambers and we had to investigate that too. that was the most fucked up thing i've witnessed. To see that many bodys in a gas chamber can mess up a person mentally and emotionally. So many more people died than World War 1. I love the fact that dumbass Hitler blew his brains out when The Italians were closing in on his location in his bunker. that was funny though and fuck the germans that support hitler they should die a horrible death But anyway. remembered when I said I lost an arm and leg? Well that was during The Vietnam War. I grew them back in about 2 hours, but they discharged me and labeled me as a veteran of 3 different wars, but I still can help out if I can because I am physically fit and I have no injuries surprisingly.

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