Orange Knight: The Interview and Life story of Orange Knight (Explicit)

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Chapter 3: Revenge

Then just recently on my 413th Birthday I felt like I had enough training and learned enough skills to finally get my revenge for what happened to me 300 years ago. So I went to his castle with a bunch of weaponry and my signature Diamond swords. He was surprised to see me with my weaponry. then I started to get a rush I guess you can call a frenzy it was like trevor phillips GTA V i said "303, where are you you lowlife inbred, dumb murdering prick twat" Then he came out pissed off Then the clash began but boy was it bloody but with a broken arm and with severe blood loss I knocked that fool down and slit that evil parent killing motherfucker’s throat a second later. So that’s the full package of yours truly. Think of this as an interview or something. But maybe I’ll tell you more when I feel like it.

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