Orange Knight: The Interview and Life story of Orange Knight (Explicit)

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Chapter 5: Abilities and Disabilities

Now, we go more in debt into my abilities. as you heard before limb and health regeneration,telekinesis,I can make things appear out of thin air. now i'll tell you more, I can go super saiyan rose if needed. Have you watched hunterxhunter? I can use killua,hisoka,and kurapika. Me,Killua, And Kurapika go way back especially Kurapika. He was just about 5 or 6 when my village burned down and I was part of the kurta clan but me and Kurapika want to find and kill those bastards that killed the rest of our brethren. Anyway I have the abilities of chara and sans from undertale but instead of bones they are swords that can burn the target to death if it impales them turning those into ash in about 30 seconds and those pricks will die a horrible death anyway, instead of a standard knife like chara uses I use my personal swords. Finally, I have the abilities of goku,vegeta,frieza,beerus,and goku black. That is all I can tell you about my life I might of forgot something but if i did then I don’t care about it. Anyway, That my story I bet you think i’m just damn near crazy. Well your right. I’ve been through all the hell a human can possibly go through.

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