When We Were Gods

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William James has decided that he is going to spend his forever doing as little as he possibly can. As the God of Luck, there is nothing in his life that he has ever had to work for or fear; pain has become as abstract as dying and hardship as minuscule as the dust in his apartment. Perhaps this is why the God of Tragedy and his partner, Aris, had taken him and run as far from the rest of their family as possible; why she has told him so little about her past and avoids all possible connections to it. And Will never asks and is content as long as she continues to pick up the phone when he calls. But when tragedy strikes and Aris is no longer there to answer, Will is soon met with the very people she had tried his whole life to keep him from: The Gods of Life, Love, and Sin; all of whom behave like Aris’ older siblings rather than the menacing forces she made them out to be. But with the revelation that another God has been killed, the estranged group scrambles to not only keep their family together and deal with the deafening reality that they are venerable to death, but also to discover who is behind their quickening extinction. Will is subsequently thrown into a world of blood and betrayal where he is forced to confront his new reality and the fact that Aris kept more secrets than he could have possibly imagined.

Action / Romance
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You—the person unknowingly holding this book in your hands, you hold the last living testimony that they—that we—ever existed.

In a story full of heroes and villains, of arrogant Gods and naïve mortals, they were there to witness every single moment; Every heartbreak, every moment of joy, and every loss, it was always theirs. Maybe you’ll read this and think I’m the bad guy, or maybe you’ll think I’m the victim who ended up on the wrong side of a losing battle, either way, this was always about them and never about me.

This is the history that you will never remember having lived; I hope you read each word carefully.

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