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The Quarterback

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Jordan McAllister is the new kid in town. He moved with his dad after his mom passed away. He’s what’s known as a dual threat, he plays both football and basketball. Now that he’s at this new school, he has to prove himself worthy of leading the team to a state championship game. Will Jordan be able to become QB1? Or will he be stuck on the bench and watch the team play?

Action / Romance
Dallas Knight
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1. First Day Surprises

“Jordan!” Mr. McAllister called out. “You up! You don’t wanna be late to your first day at the new school!”

“Yea dad, I’m up!” Jordan called back.

Jordan had been up for over an hour, he was already dressed and ready to go, he was just looking for his car keys.

“Where are they?” He said to himself.

He ran down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Hey dad have you seen my keys?”

His dad looked up at him from the newspaper and held up a set of keys.

“You mean these?”

He threw the keys to Jordan and when Jordan caught him he realized they weren’t his normal keys.

“What are these? These aren’t the keys to my busted Honda.”

“That’s because I sold your Honda. I knew how much you hated it and you wanted a better car.”

Jordan started shaking.

“What do you mean dad?”

“Let’s go outside.”

Mr. McAllister stood up and was smiling the whole way to the front door. When he opened it, Jordan couldn’t help but tear up.

“Dad? What….is…that?” He said shakily.

His dad put his arms around him, “Look Jordan, I know how much you’ve been down since your mom, I know you’ve been wanting something to remember her bye.”

He gave Jordan the keys to the car in the driveway.

“So this is a newer model that looks just like the Mustang your mom drove when she was your age.”

Jordan couldn’t believe it. All he’s ever wanted was a Mustang, he’d been saving up money for it since he was 15. Now he’s got a dark grey one with blacked out rims. It’s what he’d always wanted.

“I can’t believe it. Thanks a lot dad!”

“Your welcome buddy, now get to school.”

Jordan ran to his new car and hopped in. He started it and still was in awe as he heard the engine.

“What a way to start the day.” He said when he started to back out of the driveway.

He looked up to see his dad smiling and waving him bye. He couldn’t help but notice that he had a huge smile on his face too.

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