War of the Rose

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Two years after the incident, Rosalyn, Cameron and the rest of the gang are finally back together as a group and testing of new relationships arise. Hearts get broken, they get healed. Lives change and some intertwine forever but just because love's in the air doesn't mean that problems stop occurring. In fact, some would say problem's right around the corner and it's planning on mass destruction.

Action / Romance
S. Eliza
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It’s been two years since what went down with...Xianna and her gang. I’ve been trying to forget about everything that happened but my brain desperately wants me to dwell on the horrible thing. School has gotten way more hectic since freshman year. The assignments, projects and tests have gotten a bit overwhelming; sleep has been more of a luxury than a necessity. Majoring in Biology has its tolls, with spending extra time in class doing labs, writing up reports and doing other hands-on experiments.

What happened that night between Cameron and I, changed something with us. It made us connect on a level we never knew we could. On a more emotional, sensual level.

The rising of the sun shines through the car’s window and shines directly into my eyes, waking me from my sweet slumber and rudely interrupting me from my beautiful dream about a future I would really love to have with certain people…

My eyes flutter open and it takes some time until they get adjusted to the light. Once they do, I realize the predicament I’m in and that the night before, did happen.

I stretch my body and I realize that Cameron is still behind me. His body pressed firmly against me makes me feel cozy, comfortable and warm especially in this cold.

I lift my leg up to fully stretch and Cameron’s hoodie rises up my legs, nearly showing my private parts.

Oh God, I completely forgot that I’m naked under this.

Cameron stirs beside me and his own eyes flutter open. He blinks for a few seconds then his eyes rest on me and he smiles.

“Good morning,” His groggy, morning voice greets my ears and I honestly forgot how amazing it sounded.

My lips turn up into a smile and I bite my lip, trying to contain how happy I feel on the inside. It’s as if my heart is doing backflips and there are millions of tiny butterflies fluttering all around my body, making me feel happily giddy. “Morning,” I tell him and I press my legs together.

He moves his arm around me and draws circles on my stomach through the hoodie. “How are you feeling now? Are you warm?” He asks me and I frown.

Right, I remember that he’s only doing this with me because I nearly had hypothermia last night. Not because he actually wanted to cuddle.

Maybe all of this really is one-sided. Maybe I’m the only one who really still loves him but he’s only doing this because we’ve buried the hatchet and he’s being nice.

“I feel warmer. Still a bit cold because of the weather but warmer than how I was last night,” I answer glumly.

He looks at me with creased brows and his lips in a frown, “What’s wrong? Did I say something wrong?”He asks, using his other hand to run it through my hair and untangle it.

“No, everything’s fine,” I turned my head away from him.

“What is it, Aldaine?” He calls me by my last name. It’s been a while since he’s called me by my last name. I always loved it. He was the only one who called me by my last name and I did the same thing so it was kind of like our thing.

I let out a sigh. I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this. “I thought last night meant something between us, but I know that you were just being nice,” I mutter and his frown grows deeper.

“It did. Rosalyn, what I said last night, I meant every word of it, but we can’t do anything for two reasons: You still have a boyfriend and you’re not ready yet, but it’s okay, I’ll wait for you. I’ll wait until you’re fully ready,” He tells me, moving the hair out of my face, looking at me longingly and I hold his hand, tracing his tattoos.

“I love you,” I confess, looking into his eyes and he smiles, a blush forming in his full cheeks.

“I love you too, baby,” He says with a loving smile.

He did exactly what he said. He waited. He waited until I was completely ready for us to try this thing again. He’s still waiting. I’m not ready yet, if Cameron and I are going to be together, I want to be completely ready and from how he’s been acting the past few days, he’s definitely a man of his word. He was also right about the first part. We couldn’t think about our future together until Jake and I were no longer together. Doing that was such a hard thing. Not because I loved him or anything but because I know he felt stronger about me than I did about him. He wanted me in his life long term and I couldn’t help but feel as if it was my fault.

“What? Why are you breaking up with me?” Jake asks with teary eyes.

“Did I do something wrong?” He asks, walking closer to me and I move away.

I can’t let this hurt him anymore. I have to do as Cameron says and just rip off the bandaid, “You didn’t do anything wrong Jake and I promise you that I didn’t play with you. I just realized that I couldn’t see myself being intimate with you or marrying you. It has nothing to do with you but it has to do with my feelings. I’m sorry, I genuinely didn’t mean to hurt you,” I tell him looking away, and he bites his quivering lip.

“I know you’d never lead me on, Rosalyn, you’re not that kind of person. This isn’t about you breaking up with me because of how you feel. It’s about you breaking up with me because of how you feel for someone else,” He says and my head snaps back to him.

“What? No, it’s not-” He cuts me off with his hand.

“Yes, it is. Ever since our relationship began you’ve always been hung up on Cameron, whether you admit it or not. Our relationship was nothing but you trying to prove to yourself that you can move on from him, but you can’t. I do really like you and I’m not mad, really I’m not. I can’t be mad at you for being in love, I just hope I can find someone that I love as much as you love him,” He says and I’m speechless.

“See you around, Rosalyn,” He tells me before leaving and instead of feeling sulky, broken and dull inside, I honestly feel as if a huge weight has just been lifted off my shoulders and it feels as if a door has just opened in my life. Is that a bad thing?

Breaking up with Jake was a bit hard on my conscience, I thought I was horrible for doing something so bad to a really great guy and Cameron became totally right. I wasn’t ready to be with him yet, and he had no problem with it. He waited. Just like he told me he would.

“And send,” I click the ‘send’ button and my assignment gets sent in to Mister Jacobs.

“Finally,” I say, leaning back in my chair. The assignment I’d spent a week on is finally done and sent in.

I really hope Mister Jacobs gives me a good grade on it. I need full credits.

Speaking of credit, I need to continue my search for apartments to live in. Living on campus is getting harder to pay for. Even with my part time job at the library and my full time job at the bookstore.

“Hey! Beautiful mind,” Holly yells at me, to get my attention and I look at her startled.


“Look who’s here for movie night?” She points to the door and Cameron stands there with two packets of popcorn.

“Ahh yes, thanks. I got so engrossed with work I forgot, but I’m finished now so we can watch it now,” I tell him and Holly excuses herself.

“Yeah, I think I’m going to stay at Dylan’s tonight, Kayla has been asking for me,” She says, taking her purse and phone then she leaves us alone.

“They are adorable,” I cooed at them and so did Cameron.

“They really are...but we’re cuter,” He gushes and I blush.

Holly and Dylan got together just a few months after Raine got kidnapped. Honestly, we all saw it coming, but they are adorable and Holly is an amazing step-mom to Kayla. I mean Kayla already calls her ‘mommy’ so there’s that.

“Come on, let’s continue rewatching Arrow,” I tell him, and we lay on my bed putting the computer between us and he places the popcorn in the microwave, one at a time.

After they finish, he comes on the bed and we start the show, eating the popcorn.

We cuddle together and he places his arm around me then he kisses my hair. I lean my head against his shoulder and I trace the tattoos on his hand as we watch the show.

He’s been so perfect. So different from the man I met three years ago. He was immature and rude, but now he’s mature and the most amazing man I’ve ever met in my entire life. I doubt I’ve ever felt this way about anyone else. I love this man to death and I don’t plan on letting him go. Ever.

I look at him longingly, “Cam,” I call his name and he looks at me, then back to the screen, “Yeah,” He answers.

“I’m ready,” I tell him and his head whips to me in an instant.

“You sure?” He asks, with widened eyes.

A big smile makes its way onto my face and I cup his cheeks with my hands. I lean in and press my lips against his soft, full lips. He kisses me back with such passion it’s almost impossible not to swoon. I can tell he’s holding back though, he’s mostly into going rough and not slow and teasing.

We parted from the kiss, resting our foreheads on one another, “Yes, I’m sure,” I answered definitively.

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