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The Nightseeker

By Crescent_ All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Action


It's senior year and Jessie Jackson is ready to make a difference- although, he's not quite sure he's ready yet. Spending all his time with libidinous girls and partying, Jessie isn't to sure he's prepared to enter the business world. His father has his life all mapped out- but Jessie isn't to sure he wants to follow his father's plans. Instead, Jessie is determined to find out what he wants for himself. But when strange things start to happen, like hearing people's thoughts, becoming inhumanly fast, developing heightened senses, and other bizarre additions- Jessie begins to freak out. Maybe he isn't the person he thought he was. Deep down, while trying to fight the demons within himself, Jessie needs to figure out if he wants to be the hero everyone needs, or to succumb to the darkness. • • • [#1 RedCapes Series]


He couldn’t do it. Slamming down his pen on the table, he listened to it clatter to the ground. Running a hand down his face, Diego licked his chapped lips with a heavy sigh. When would it end? He thought to himself miserably. For ten years he’s sat at his desk, wondering, hoping, that this job would get easier. But witnessing all those test subjects die one by one, it revealed a hollow cavity that told him it would never change. What these people were doing, what they were was mad. He couldn’t do it anymore. Failure after failure, what difference would it make if another life was lost?

Shaking his head, Diego pushed the file away from him adamantly.

Slowly, his gaze passed the glass wall and locked on the girl that lay motionless on the metal table. Her eyes stared vacantly up the ceiling- forever frozen in a world of terror. Goosebumps rose on Diego’s skin, the feeling of cold fingers playing at the base of his spine.

There was no stopping the project. They wouldn’t stop until they had they’re perfect creation. He knew that he had to do something. Diego couldn’t stand being here- in a place of merciless brutality. Getting up from his seat, Diego took off his work uniform. Grabbing his trench coat from the hanger, it’s then that his ears picked up a noise. It was coming from down the hall, piquing his interest. It’s then that Diego felt his heart race. The sound of a baby crying in its crib made his gut twist painfully. He was the last one- the last failure. Squeezing his eyes shut, Diego weighed the most heaviest decision of his life. He had to do this. There was no turning away.

Entering the nursery, he saw the little baby lying alone- swaddled in blue blankets. Diego glanced around, making sure no one was present. When he was sure he was alone, Diego brought in one big breath of courage, and picked up the baby. It was a boy, one who made Diego feel weak like putty. The baby stopped crying, gazing deeply into Diego’s eyes.

“You’re safe, I’ve got you now,” He whispered softly.

Gently, the baby reached out and touched his face. A smile curved at the edges of Diego’s lips. He could do this. He could raise this child.

In a sudden moment, the room was plummeted into darkness. Alarms rung out through the building, reverberating down every hall. Panicked, Diego hastily collected himself and rushed out of the nursery.

They would never have him. Diego knew the fate of this baby, and there was no way in hell that they would ever touch a hair on his head again. He was this boys last hope in life, and Diego would make sure that they would both be happy and safe.

The baby squirmed in his arms, and Diego looked down and murmured,
“I won’t let them hurt you. You’re safe with me, and I will never let any of these bad people get you,”

A tear streamed down Diego’s face as he reached the elevator. His finger pressed the button, and it was then that he heard security. Their guns could be heard with heavy footsteps, and Diego stood defiantly- determined to escape. The doors to the elevator opened, and it wasn’t until the doors closed that shots were fired. Diego knew that as long as him and his boy were alive, they would never be safe.

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