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“I hate you. I’ve always hated you and I’ll always hate you, Michael Elijah Davies.” She screamed at his face without any fear. Her eyes were wide and he could see her soul through them, he could see what she felt about him; it was never hate…. But love!!! True love…. So after staring in her eyes for some moments, he leaned in and kissed her, capturing her sweet taste and feeling at bliss after so many years…. She was enough to make him go crazy and wild even after he kept enchanting that he’ll never be fooled again by her charm but well, he did in that moment. He could never resist her…. never until his last breath!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An evil game is played with a young woman who was so naive to consider her loved ones innocent even though they were everything but 'INNOCENT'!!!

Action / Thriller
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Michael was walking anxiously in his office; waiting for some good news or a miracle but so far no promising news has been received.

Suddenly a knock was heard on the door and he instantly froze in his tracks. Then he took a minute or two to calm himself down before permitting the entrance. His right man ‘Ethan’ entered the room along with some of his men following behind him. When the last man closed the door behind him, he eyed all of them one by one then quirked up his eyebrows in question.

“Michael… we came here to give you news about… your wife ‘Esra’.” Ethan cleared his throat anxiously while others were standing quietly beside him.

“Yes? Did you find something?” His interest perked up although deep down he had a bad feeling about it but he ignored his gut feeling.

“Ehhh.. as I have told you that we got the address she last visited a few days ago after her escape..” Ethan started nervously.

Michael raised his eyebrows. “And?”

“ then she left the place just before we got the address.” He was biting down on his lower lip. Michael was getting irritated by his behavior and unnecessary dragging so he groaned in irritation.

“Ethan, cut this nonsense short and tell me what’s happening?” Ethan looked away from him and something passed between all of them in-front of his eyes. They were communicating through their eyes regarding something. It was definitely not a good sign. “Ethan?” He gritted his teeth and Ethan turned pale as he heard his name. “Tell me.”

“She’s nowhere to be found, sir.” One of his men suddenly spoke up to him and he kicked away the chair in anger.

“FUCK!!!!! You all are useless bastards. You all deserve nothing because you couldn’t even find me one person I told you to find…..” He shouted at them all in pure rage, the room was silent and the atmosphere was tense as everyone was shivering from fear and the horror of his temperament. He once again became the nightmare everyone had known before he met ‘Esra Elizabeth Heathrob’.

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