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Who's D Bodyguard ?

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Sana Collen, a simple girl who loves to fight her own battles. Literally, fight. Eric, a rich boy, with a dream to head his family business. The same year, the same college, they become friends. But as threat looms over Eric, Sara has been placed with a preposition - to look over Eric. She now suddenly has to not only ' look over ' Eric and his sister, but also protect herself and her family from constant attacks. And let's not forget about her college life! How will Sana handle all this, especially when she has to keep herself as a ' secret '. What happens when Eric comes to know that maybe Sana is not just a colleague? As more and more truths are revealed, the relations will change ........... #### Hope you all enjoy my first book :) Do give it a try :)

Action / Romance
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A/N :

Whos D bodyguard? is not analogous to that of a bad boy good girl or rich guy poor girl narrative. The families of the protagonists are not messed up. This plot is female-oriented, so it will not satisfy homo sapiens who believe in male chauvinism.

Happy reading!❤️

Always open for corrections and suggestions! 🌟


She has a loving and caring family and is pampered the most being the youngest in the family of 5. She has two elder sisters, both happily married. Sana is an independent and mature girl, who believes in girl power!! Her lifestyle is simple and mundane...well, that’s about to change. Also, martial arts interests her the way a candy tempts a child


He has an affluent, but loving family of 5 members. He has two younger sisters, whom he is very much protective of as any other brother would be. Independent by nature, he is the next heir of his family business. His lifestyle is lavish, well also surrounded by threats and security. College was the only getaway he had from his guards... not when threats get more severe

Sana and Eric happen to be batchmates. Though they aren’t much aware of each other, circumstances bring them to work together. Especially when Sara is his designated college bodyguard.

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