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Peter Cube

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A sixteen year old immortal boy with no memories of who he was. The only thing he does know about himself, is that he’s dangerous. Peter try’s to figure out who he is and what the thing is inside him, he gains friends who are just like him. But Peter is very much different from them.

Action / Scifi
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A voice would tell me to wake up, my eyes opened and I have no memories about myself. No name, no age, nothing. I stood up from the ground to find myself in a destroyed city with laser marks everywhere, the streets were filled with bodies. I tried to think of what could’ve done this.

As I’m walking, I almost tripped on some broken concrete, then all of a sudden my body moved super fast through the city only to be stopped by building in the way. I screamed in agony from all the pain my body was experiencing, the pain stopped in seconds and I quickly realised that my blood is purple, some of my blood would form into tiny cubes. I was amazed and terrified of it, my wounds began to heal. I now question what I am. I go into the distance out of the city to live a normal life and named myself Peter Cube.

Two years later I now live in an apartment building by myself, I work at a convenient store as a cashier, many people would ask me how my eyes were purple but I didn’t know how. I became friends with Jack, a customer that always order the same thing everyday. We hangout at the skatepark hoping to see someone stack and hurt themselves.

As I’m restocking the shelves in the store, a man came in with a gun and told me to give him money. I refused and so the man grabbed a customer and pointed the gun at her head, he threatened me again and ask for the money, I walked towards the cash register and got the money out, the man yelled at me to hurry up. I gave him the money and fired a warning shot near my foot so I wouldn’t follow him. The lady thanked me and offered to me some of her money, I politely refused and gave her a free drink.
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