God's In My Hell

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Zo Reed. An Unstable killer and multi billionaire With no parents. or at least that what she thought. So what happens when an unstable killer finds out she been lied to. Will she do whatever it takes or will it all come crashing down when the truth unravels?

Action / Drama
A'lailah M. Gray
Age Rating:



I have to choose.

If the moment came down, who would I choose? A newfound love. Or an old tidal wave that is close to shore.

One thing I know. If that is the only thing I’ve ever known. When picking a business like this one you have to be ruthless. Willing to kill the one you love for the one you love. That’s the number one rule. Is to be ruthless. My mom always said that a capo needs love too. I know now that all a capo needs is love. But this is a ruthless game we play. Love is never part of the equation.

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