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dream no 2

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pee pee

Action / Adventure
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chapter 1

So I was really obsessed with rubbing away in this dream so they finally let me, but I had these ant eggs that I made idk why tho, it was weird, so I had to pack avoiding ants that I didn’t know it they were dangerous or not. I had packed my phone, a charger, and other things. I had a purple jacket I was gonna wear too. At the time I was ready to go I wasn’t aloud too. I was mad but it did a weird time warm and I was with r0wan and a few other friends I can’t remember.

In this dream-verse you got to choose
something, one was you CANT look at them without dying, basically monsters, but I realized Rowan Was looking at them without dying and I got a flash of a video saying you can look at them just give no reaction. I did that for a while

and then I was dream warped to where I was
alone in my bed and i got the choosy thing and I accidentally hit zombie apocalypse and I was like oh shoot I can do this again, so I grabbed my bag from the first dream place and the purple jacket I was gonna wear and I was cautious because I was like oh of course the lights don’t work. So I cautiously moved thru the dark hallway and nothing was there!!! I looked down and saw I had no shoes and I remembered that a zombie survival thing on YouTube said to wear shoes, but I went out anyway. Before I could open the door a zombie pushed the door open, my reflexes jumped and I punched it in its gaping mouth. It’s teeth hit my hand just above my knuckles and we stumbled onto the driveway, I started fighting and heard a scratchy booming sound and I look over and the dream ends, the noise was my cat…

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