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My Mysterious Lover

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My first day and its very fun i guguess seeing people panic

Action / Romance
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The meet

I walked into an elevator for my first day at work. The elevator starts going up but then a strange man comes to the side and speaks.

“I bet you are all wondering why you are gathered here” before we have time to react, he presses the emergency button while everyone is panicking, I start laughing and then man looks at me with a strange look then smiles and starts laughing with me. The panic in people’s eyes was just so amusing one we hit ground level he says.

“Well, this was fun but me and the girl will be going now au revoir people” he tugs me along by the wrist and brings me to a black Ferrari. I admire the car as I look up at the man because he was much taller than me, he smirks.

“Like the car darl” I hate being called that as my toxic ex called me that for a nickname and I will never forget what he has done to me. He hurt me physically and emotionally and I’ve got the scars to prove it, but I will never tell anyone about him because I don’t want to relive those days. I was angry.

“First, my names Abigail, second, don’t call me darl” I scowled. He asked “why were you laughing in the elevator it’s a really frightening situation to be in as the elevator was literally falling” proudly I said “because the people were scared shitless and well its amusing to see humans panic” he was intrigued by the look on his face “so your telling me you aren’t human” I was mentally facepalming myself “of course I am idiot I just don’t like referring myself to those imbeciles” he laughed “you like to speak your mind don’t you.” I must say I was very proud of that “yes I most certainly do like to speak my mind.” He starts speeding off before I know it, we are getting chased by someone and I know they’re not police. I yell to him “we are getting chased by some dude” he says casually “I know we are love” and smirks. Gunshots go off and start hitting the car then the back and then the rear-view mirror, but I’m weirdly calm for some reason. I don’t feel the rush of adrenaline, nor do I feel panicked and scared.

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