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Blood wars (Rival)

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Gang leader Sarr gets kidnapped by a gang that was believed to be gone,The Lunnos. They used to run the city under the rule of the vicious and powerful man, Adam. The gang faded away without people knowing why and other small gangs rose up and now sarr's gang is the leading gang in the city. But now the Lunnos are back to claim their throne, does sarr and her gang have a chance against them?

Action / Romance
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Bad to you

[Why are you only good to me, when I'm bad to you]

Sarr knew exactly what was going on even before she heard approaching footsteps. The gangs in her area, whether small, all signed an agreement. It was agreed that every August of every year, the leading gang was challenged by any gang and the fight would last the whole month and then in September, the gang with the most damage loses. Considering the fact that it was still march she wondered who could be behind the attacks, the police?

She was seated in her office, it was simple but still impressive. The walls were painted a faint cream yellow, the large grey carpet covered the whole floor, their was only one window in the room and besides the little cabinet at the side and her wooden chair, the only furniture was a round large table that took up most of the space, the table top was wooden while the legs were glass.

Just looking at the table brought back many memories. Monty came running through her door breathing heavily, "Sar were being attacked,".

Attacks always left a lot of damage to both gangs involved and she wasn't ready for a confrontation, not when she had other things to take care of.

"Round up the guys." Sarr lazily stood up from her wooden chair and left the office unlocked. She knew that no one would dare enter her office without permission and she made sure everyone remembered the time when one person decided to do just that and she was happy to make him an example.

Two broken legs for every member and an eye from the leader. That would be this gang's punishment for breaching the contract signed by all the gangs. Things were different ever since the Lunnos left, but things changed for the better. Back then the leaders fought other leaders to the death and the winning gang leader takes the other gangs members. It was brutal and things had to change considering how unfair it would be to pair up old men with young men to fight. At twenty, Sarr had seen many leaders rise and fall but only one leader didn't, her and she wanted to keep it that way.

"In the truck now!" Sarr yelled to her underboss and considliere. Sunn was short and skinny but he was the best shooter she had ever seen. His affection towards her was well received, more of a friends with benefits type of thing. He was her third in command and everyone who accused him of sleeping his way to the top no longer had a tongue. Bunmy was the total opposite of Sunn, he had a toned body and he was taller than her. People always thought she would go for him but she didn't have a preference. As she looked at her soldiers still nursing the wounds from their recent fight with the Dunns, she decided she didn't need them the three of them would deal with it.


The truck they took had double huge wheels at each side and was painted black so that it would blend perfectly with the night, the only visible thing was the huge red snake symbol at the front of the van. They didn't need to be hidden from the enemy because they didn't have anything to fear. It was her over confidence and skill that gained her respect among her gang and allied gangs.

She was tall and her slightly huge brown eyes made her look less intimidating but it was her wicked smirk and over confidence that sent men cowering away in fear and intimidation.

Sarr was in the driver's seat while Bunmy and Sunn were at the back of the trunk seated opposite each other. The drive was silent until Bunmy spoke, his voice sounding for the first in forever, scared. This gave Sarr chills.

"Sarr, someone's in the truck with..." before Bunmy could complete his sentence, Sarr could hear his huge body hit the floor. The deadly silence that followed made her wonder who or what could take them down without sweating a little.

Fear started to creep up in the hole where her heart once was. She focused on the road ahead and avoided thinking of how they were being ambushed and parked the truck. Seconds later Sunn's body hit the floor and this time Sarr had to look behind, as she looked back to check on her friends, all she saw was a guy she had never seen before. He had a chiseled jaw and full pink lips. His green eyes gave him the look of a good guy, someone who didn't belong in this type of world. He was what you would call a 'pretty boy'.

"You're going to pay for this," Saar snarled as she picked up charlie, her Ngengo blade, the blades were not the finest but they were definitely the savagest of all and she liked that about it. It earned her the nickname of mama arlie. The blade could cut through bone if precisely used and due to her twenty years of being with charlie, she could testify to this.

Swinging it with ease it caught the boy across his chest sending a flood of fresh red blood and water spilling down his jumper and onto the floor. His scream was surprisingly lower than she thought it would be. He fell down clutching his wound. As he was distracted by the wound, she quickly knelt down and checked if her friends were dead, luckily they were still alive. She got up with a different feeling, rage.

With Charlie swinging at her side, she knew they would have to get a new truck because this one was going to be hard to clean after she was done with him.

She went to stand above him, watching him like a predator, "who sent you?"

In response he took off his jumper, breathing heavily and silently crying, he managed to lift it enough for her to see his entire chest.

And although his bare stomach was filled with blood she could still see the wicked crown tattoo on his left side, that tattoo alone caused her to take five steps back, a sick feeling falling into her whole body, leaving her shaking with fear and disbelief. No, it couldn't be.She knew exactly what that tattoo meant, the Lunnos were back. She was too shocked to notice that he was already up struggling to move.

Composing her self and standing a little less taller she tried to sound neutral.

"It's over I already won," Sarr moved closer, " you and your group of rogues are not welcome here."

"We're not asking for permission," he had a deep shaky voice showing he was in pain. Sarr was shocked at his courage and disrespect, no one ought to talk to her that way, not even a lunie.

"When I'm done with you all, seeking my permission to spare you the agonizing death and allow you to run back to the hell hole you came from will be the only thing on your minds, you will suffer for your disrespect."

Making sure her grip on Charlie was strong she got into position, preparing to lunge at him. Before she could make a move they both fell to the ground coughing. It was then that she realized that he had sprayed something in the truck.

That explained why he didn't seem to fight back when she attacked, he knew this was going to happen. Why risk a wound when he could have restrained her when he had the chance?

"I'll make your life a living hell." she said in between coughs.

"I'll be waiting." his voice sounded sexy and raspy, it was bad timing but Sarr couldn't help but notice the shiver that ran down her spine at that moment, not from fear but from something else entirely.

As they both gasped for air, they heard the doors open and three figures appeared and stared at both of them studying their faces before they both got unconscious, Sarr with a scowl and the boy with a faint smile, his eyes closed ridding him of the excruciating pain from the wound. She was definitely going to pay for that no matter how hot he found her.
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