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The Mob War

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The Mob War has been going on for a year. And the mysterious terrorist group named 'The Mob' has taken control of nearly the entire world. The group fighting them back is named 'The Resistance' When all hope seems lost, The Resistance receives a new batch of soldiers. One of them named Jake seemed to do phenomenal during training... Maybe all hope isn't lost after all... WORK IN PROGRESS!

Action / Adventure
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The world was peaceful. Every country was under control. That was, until a mysterious terrorist group called ‘The Mob’ attacked a small island. They had successfully taken control of the island. Then they forced all citizens to work for them. And if they refused, they were killed.

Soon enough, more islands and even small countries were being taken over by The Mob. Then, all countries still in control declared war on The Mob. Soon enough, after a month of the war, The Mob had taken over a continent.

And now, the only part of the world not under control by The Mob is a tiny spot in The United Nation, and a few small islands and countries. The people fighting The Mob are in a group named The Resistance.

The Mob never showed mercy. They would torcher innocent people. Kill them. Send them out onto the sea with nothing but a small raft. But hope is not lost yet. A fresh new batch of soldiers has been recruited by The Resistance. And a soldier named Jake seems to be really skilled.

Is all hope lost? Or will The Resistance be able to take back the world?

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