When the Guns Were Turned On Us

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Chapter 19

The members of the fledgling guerrilla outfit sat around the cozy cabin having a deep discussion about how they were going to train to prepare for fighting NAP and UN forces.

“Calvin, Neil and myself counted every bit of ammunition we have,” Kevin explained. “There are a hundred rounds for the Nosler, two hundred for the Lee Enfield, forty shotgun shells as well as a hundred rounds for the AR-15.”

“Uncle Kevin, you forgot about the 10/22.” Calvin said.

“Thanks for reminding me. Yeah, we have five hundred rounds for it. Jake, how many rounds do you have for the Beretta?”

“Just whatever’s in the mag,” Jake replied. “I had to grab it in a hurry. Considering that there is a good surplus of ammo for it, we can use the 10/22, albeit sparingly, for target practice.”

“That 10/22 was the first gun my father ever gave to me,” Calvin said with a hint of sadness in his voice. “I hope I see my parents again.”

Kevin patted his nephew on the shoulder.

“Your father is made of tough stuff. He’ll survive.” Kevin looked over at Jake. “I was thinking. Considering the circumstances, it wouldn’t be unethical to break into abandoned homes, garages, whatever, to find tools, explosives, whatever we can construct IEDs out of.”

“It wouldn’t be at all,” Jake replied.

“Gas stations usually have propane cylinders locked up in a cage,” Calvin stated.

Jake looked around the room to make sure he had everyone’s attention.

“Our training will commence tomorrow morning. In addition to marksmanship, considerable emphasis will be placed on stalking skills, unarmed combat, archery and combat medicine.” Jake looked over at Sarah Jane and Mallory. “Do you girls have any skills you could contribute?”

“I have a major in environmental management with a minor in women’s studies,” Sarah Jane explained. “Jake, I wish you would realize that I do not believe in war. I have no problem helping out around here as much as I can, but I flat-out refuse to take the life of another human being.”

Jake felt his blood pressure rising.

“So you’re content to simply hang around here while your fellow citizens are imprisoned and murdered? Sarah Jane, this occupation is not going to be ended by people sitting around a campfire singing ‘Kumbaya, Lord’. Every bit of freedom that you currently enjoy was bought and paid for with the most precious currency there is-blood. Rivers of it! I realize that what I’m saying doesn’t sound very appealing, but the truth hurts sometimes.”

Neil shared some of her sentiments.

“I can definitely sympathize with Sarah Jane. Why would I want to risk my life for a country that has treated my ancestors like garbage and continues to do so to this day?”

“Neil is right,” Sarah Jane chimed in. “Not unlike women, Aboriginal Canadians, have always been the object of scorn by evil white men flaunting their privilege and superiority. And who continues to run the governments of most western countries? Evil white men.”

Jake had heard enough of her ranting.

“Am I an ‘evil white man’? If it wasn’t for Kevin and me with our years of military experience, none of you kids would even be alive right now. And Neil, on your point, I too believe that patriotism can be quite overrated. But our fight has got to do as much with nationalism as it does taking back what’s ours on the local level. I’m a dual citizen. While I don’t give a damn about the corrupt politics on either side of the border, I do care greatly about my community and especially the woman I intend to marry one day soon.”

“If we start killing their troops, they’ll be after us in no time,” Sarah Jane said.

“Sarah, it’s only going to be a matter of time before they come after us anyway,” Mallory said. “I’m a lot like you. I grew up in a big city. I’ve only fired a gun once, during a trip to the range with my father. Sure, the prospect of having to take the life of a living, breathing human being troubles me deeply. I certainly don’t want to lose my own life. But this is the price that has to be paid.”

“We’re all in this together Sarah Jane,” Kevin stated. “Jake and I have fought in conflict zones all over the globe. The big different this time is that instead of being members of our nations’ armed forces going abroad to fight terrorism, WE are the terrorists, in the eyes of the government.. If we can all work together on this, we will be triumphant in the end.”

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