When the Guns Were Turned On Us

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Chapter 23

Each day was spent fishing, hunting and gathering nuts, berries and wild plants. The deep-woods partisans had also begun to conduct extensive reconnaissance missions, scouting out the locations of checkpoints and outposts used by the North American Police and United Nations forces. The troubling events from a few weeks earlier continued to bother everyone except for Jake and Kevin. It had been the first time in his life that Kevin had killed another human being up close and personal.

Though she worked hard to keep her mind and body in good shape, the turmoil happening all around her started to weigh down on Sarah Jane’s psyche. She just wanted to maintain her sanity until this nightmare was finally over. While waiting for dinner to cook, the six members of the budding insurgency sat around the cabin.

“We’re going to begin launching our attacks soon,” Jake stated. “People, this is truly the point of no return. We are about to stir up a very angry hornet’s nest.”

Mallory had been practicing her marksmanship skills as much as the group’s limited ammunition supplies would allow her to.

“Jake, I feel that I’m ready to fight.”

Sarah Jane turned to her in dismay.

“Mallory, what’s going through your head? There is absolutely no reason for you to want to risk your life.”

“Then what is worth risking our lives over?” Jake asked Sarah Jane point-blankly. “For far too long in the United States and Canada, the general public has been far too complacent. All throughout the last four or five decades most people have had the ‘it can’t happen here’ mentality. Why do you think we’re in this mess now?”

“It’s because of lefturds like this granola-munching hippy,” Calvin exclaimed with a smartass grin.”

Sarah Jane had reached her breaking point with Calvin.

“I swear to God. If you don’t stop this I’m going to…”

Jake glanced at him.

“You’re really starting to get on all of our nerves Calvin. I’d seriously advise you to quit while you’re ahead.”

Sarah Jane felt as though her best friend was turning against her.

“Mallory, why are you siding with them?”

“Sarah Jane, to be completely honest with you, I never would have imagined that during the prime of my life, when most people get their education, travel the world and look to the future with optimism, I’d be fighting to survive in the mountains of British Columbia. But here I am. Here we all are. At heart, I’m not a natural warrior. But I realize that if we don’t take a stand, risk our lives, that there won’t be any future anyway.”

Sarah Jane sighed disgustedly at Mallory.

“I don’t care one iota about this North American Union. To me, Canada will always be Canada, a sane nation that isn’t notorious for its corporate greed and lax gun laws. The Second Amendment? I’ll take our free health care and social programs over that any day.”

“If you hadn’t have been texting your boyfriend during law history class you’d have been shocked to discover that the ‘right to keep and bear arms’ is not an exclusively American right,” Mallory stated. “It originates in Anglo-Saxon common law and is enshrined in both the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights. Those two documents are part of the Canadian constitution.”

Jake was very impressed.

“Geez kid, you know your history. And I thought my uncle Alfred was good. As for you being ready to fight, we’ll have to take a wait-and-see approach there. But at least you’re eager so that’s a good thing.

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