When the Guns Were Turned On Us

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Chapter 33

Officials from the British Armed Forces Incident Investigation Team, based in Calgary, had concluded their investigation into the ambush three weeks earlier that claimed the lives of three members of the British Parachute Regiment. Lieutenant-Colonel Mullen had participated in the enquiry. It was a rare occasion when Mullen found himself eating lunch with Dan Toombs. The veteran British Army officer had developed a strong professional relationship with his North American Police counterpart. Although Mullen respected Toombs, quite often he was turned off by the Alabaman’s self-aggrandizing attitude.

Toombs had a noticeable cruel streak in him as well. Borderline psychopathic. It was the same severe lack of conscience that had enabled Waffen SS officers and troops in Nazi Germany to commit horrific crimes against humanity many were later sent to the scaffold for. Although Mullen was first and foremost a soldier who never questioned orders, he also considered himself a humanitarian who wanted to help others. But as of right now, Mullen and Toombs had one thing in common; tracking down and annihilating those responsible for killing their subordinates.

“Anything new and exciting happening Major?” Mullen asked as he ate a garden salad.

“Business as usual.”

“I spoke to Colonel Moresby this morning. He’s with the army’s Incident Investigation Team in Calgary.”

“Yes, I’ve heard of it,” Toombs stated.

“That improvised explosive device planted along the shoulder of the Trans-Canada Highway consisted of a pipe bomb taped securely to a propane cylinder. There was a timer attached to the pipe bomb.”

“Just like years ago back in Iraq and Afghanistan.” Toombs remembered his missions overseas.

“We sent out three helicopters and several drones to search for those rogues.” Mullen’s voice was rife with anger. “It almost seems like a lost cause. Peculiar that with a total gun ban in place, there would still be this heavy a volume of private firearms circulating around.”

“Colonel, there’s one thing I’ve learned since getting posted in the Great White North. If Canadians are anything, they’re not like-and please, don’t be offended by me saying this-your socialist European brethren who forfeited their rights decades ago. Believe me when I say that I had no shortage of misconceptions about this country as well as the people in it. And as much as I hate to admit it, Canadians are closer to being like Americans than you could ever imagine. They’ve resisted draconian gun laws, even outright confiscation. When those gun bans came into effect, tens of thousands of firearms simply ‘disappeared’ off the radar if you get my drift.”

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