When the Guns Were Turned On Us

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Chapter 41

The stillness of the pitch black night was interrupted only by the sound of the fast-flowing North Thompson River. Save for a handful of streetlights, the town of Barrierre was dark as well. The six guerillas stalked silently up a hill that afforded a clear view of the bridge that connected Yellowhead Highway 5. The bridge was three-hundred yards away. Jake peered through a pair of night-vision goggles. Three NAP troopers walked around on the bridge.

Jake nodded to Calvin and Mallory. Mallory, her hands grasping the Lee Enfield, got into a firing position. Calvin, holding the Nosler M48, did the same. Both rifles had homemade sound suppressors made from car oil filters which were screwed onto the ends of the barrels. Calvin breathed deeply before he focused his attention through the crosshairs of the night-vision scope on the Nosler. An NAP trooper was quite visible through the greenish-black color of the night-vision goggles. He pulled the trigger. The NAP trooper collapsed to the ground after being hit in the upper chest.

Mallory watched anxiously as the fallen trooper’s comrades rushed to his aid. She focused the crosshairs on the head of one of them and fired. The bullet pierced an ugly hole in the man’s forehead before he too went down. Before the third trooper could raise his rifle, Calvin took him out.

“Good job, guys,” Jake said with a smile before turning to Kevin. “Clock’s a tickin’ my friend.”

Kevin held up two bricks of C4, both of which had blasting caps embedded in them.

“Hopefully it takes a while for reinforcements to arrive,” he stated.

Jake turned to Calvin, Neil, Mallory and Sarah Jane.

“Monitor the east side of the bridge very closely. If there are only a few more troopers posted in the town, we should be able to get them. Actually Neil, I’m going to get you to help us toss those bodies off of the bridge.”

“Sure,” the young aboriginal-Canadian replied.

Jake, Kevin and Neil made their way to the bridge. Jake and Kevin had British rifles slung over their shoulders. The bridge was very well-lit, possibly enough for them to get spotted. Jake felt his heart racing. He sweated nervously. One by one, the three rebels picked up the slain troopers and tossed them into the North Thompson far below. Neil eyed their MP5s.

“We should take their weapons,” he said in almost a whisper.

“After we get this done,” Kevin replied. “Jake, I’m thinking the best place to plant the C4 is on the girders.”

“How do you plan on getting underneath to put them into place?”

“That isn’t necessary,” Kevin replied. “Lots of places right along the deck.”

Kevin kneeled down near the side of the bridge deck. Along the stiffening girder were several small slots. He placed a brick of C4 into one of them. Then he went over to the other side of the bridge. Kevin placed the remaining brick of the highly-malleable plastic explosive in one of the slots in the stiffening girder.

“Mission accomplished,” the ex-combat engineer said.

“Glad we were able to pull this off without a hitch,” Jake said.

The three guerrillas quickly made their way off of the bridge. They walked through the rough terrain to where Calvin, Mallory and Sarah Jane waited.

“I assume it went well,” Sarah Jane stated.

“Perfect,” Kevin replied.

Kevin removed two detonators from the pockets of his camouflage jacket. The others braced themselves as Kevin pressed a small button on each of the detonators. Seconds later, two ear-shattering explosions rocked the ground under their feet. Sarah Jane and Mallory looked on in shock as the bridge deck, followed by the girders, started to come loose. In no time at all, the middle entire of the bridge gave way and plummeted into the dark waters far below. It was an awesome yet nerve-jangling sight. The rebels retreated west toward the forest road over a kilometer away where the Ford Explorer was parked.

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