When the Guns Were Turned On Us

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Chapter 65

Nicole continued to find herself in an incredibly vexing quandary. Agreeing to become Frank Carragher’s chattel had been the only way she could have escaped indefinite detention. The more Nicole came to the realization that this heartless ruler had strong feelings for her, and merely wasn’t using her as his plaything, it sickened her stomach. A few nights earlier, facing the threat of banishment to a labor camp and Arielle being sent to a state-run boarding school in Arizona, Nicole reluctantly pushed herself to have sexual relations with Carragher. Afterward, she felt violated. At this point, the future for both her and Arielle was looking bleak.

When not working at the district headquarters, Nicole was usually confined to Carragher’s mansion endlessly cooking, cleaning and scrubbing it. It was exhausting, tiring work. She had just taken a roast chicken out of the oven when Carragher walked in. Arielle had gotten home from school an hour earlier. She sat at the kitchen table doing her homework.

“That smells delightful, dear. You must have slaved over a hot stove for hours.”

“More than you’ll ever know,” Nicole replied with a hint of cynicism in her voice.

Carragher sat down at the kitchen table.

“Nicole, I’ve been thinking. Since it appears that you and I are going to be together forever, we soon should start having the ‘discussion.’”

Nicole shuddered inside. No way in hell was she ever going to marry this freak.

“I’d love for you to become my wife. You satisfy me in a way no woman ever has before.”

Perhaps that’s because I’m being coerced into doing so you fat, controlling pig’, Nicole thought to herself.

“It’s quite obvious how much Arielle enjoys being here,” Carragher continued. “She and I have been getting along very well. Nicole, if you’ve learned one thing about me it’s that I always get what I want. I’m not asking for your hand in marriage-I’m demanding it. Failure to accept this generous offer will not bode well for you and her.”

Frank Carragher simply could not help but be a manipulative, conniving son-of-a-bitch. She would like nothing more than to rip off his balls. The situation was going from bad to worse and there was nothing that she could do about it.

“Frank, I’m really going to have to give your proposal some consideration.” Nicole acted as though she might take him up on it. “Don’t get me wrong. I immensely enjoy being in your company…”

“Really?” There was a sudden change in the tone of his voice. “Perhaps it’s just me being overly paranoid, but I find that hard to believe. Last night, you seemed to find my body repulsive. That’s going to have to change really fast if we are to be husband and wife. Remember, Nicole, you are not indispensable. There are dozens of other women in this city who would eat shards of glass to be where you are right now. You really have to start proving your loyalty to me and stop beating around the bush.”

Even in pressing moments such as this, Nicole knew how to play the game. She removed her oven mitts and put her arms around Carragher. Although it sickened her to do so, she started kissing him passionately.

“Is that what you were looking for?” she asked in a seductive tone.

“You read my mind.”

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