When the Guns Were Turned On Us

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Chapter 68

Jake, Kevin and Mallory showered and changed their clothing at the home of a Kamloops resident who was sympathetic to the resistance. After all those months of living in the wilderness, a hot shower and shave felt pretty good to Jake. Tonight, considering that he was going to be reunited with his long lost love, he needed to look his best. Afterward, the three rebels and Father Tuck drove over to Robert Hunt’s house. Barbara had made coffee and sandwiches for everyone.

There was an applause amongst the group as Jake, Kevin and Mallory descended into the basement.

“So this is the legendary Jake Scribner,” Benjamin Hinton said.

“You know what they say. Legends never die,” Jake rejoined with a smile. “Guess that means I’m going to live forever.”

Robert Hunt held out his hand. Jake shook it.

“It’s great to finally meet you, Jake.”

“The feeling is mutual, Robert.” Jake pointed at Kevin and Mallory. “These are my counterparts Kevin Sorenson and Mallory Hutchinson. We have more than enough stories to tell about our time in the mountains.”

Kevin and Mallory shook hands with Hunt.

“I’ll introduce you to the members of my little resistance group. Jake, these fine, upstanding ruffians are Marty Smith, Jeff Hinton, his son Ben, and Chris Templeton. Like yourself, Chris is also a veteran.”

“You were in the Canadian Army?” Jake asked Templeton.

“Special Operations Group. I hear you were a combat controller in the United States Air Force.”

“My original plan was to become a fighter pilot. God didn’t bless me with twenty-twenty vision so I had to settle for calling in fighter jets to bomb enemy positions. Don’t worry. It was every bit as thrilling.”

Hunt patted Brian Vance on the shoulder like a proud father.

“This young man here is going to be our ticket onto that base,” Hunt stated. “The same base we are going to completely destroy.”

“You’re that British paratrooper,” Jake stated. “The one who switched sides.”

Vance nodded.

“What made you want to help us out?” Jake asked.

“I have my reasons. Biggest one being that I can no longer stomach the sight of my fellow countrymen committing war crimes. I realize that I can no longer return to England. That’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. Probably be spending the rest of my life here.”

“Let’s get this meeting started,” Tuck said.

The rebels took their seats. Barbara brought down a tray holding a steaming coffee pot, sandwiches, cups and saucers.

“This is the plan that we’ve devised,” Hunt stated. “Taking back our city requires a three-pronged strategy. First, we seize control of the airport. There will be a skeleton crew on duty there tonight, so, providing Murphy’s Law doesn’t sneak its way in and fuck up our plans, we should be able to do it.”

The rebels starting pouring cups of coffee and eating sandwiches.

“As well, we will destroy the main communications centre and kill all UN soldiers and NAP officers we encounter.” Hunt looked over at Marty Smith, who was enjoying a roast beef sandwich. “Marty, you up for flying into the belly of the beast?”

The former Canadian Forces helicopter pilot continued to fly search-and-rescue missions for a civilian company that serviced much of northern British Columbia.

“You better believe it,” Smith replied.

“The next stage of our assault,” Hunt continued. “Will be seizing control of the Canfield Building. Most of the UN and NAP forces will be focused on quelling the riots so getting in there shouldn’t be the most difficult task in the world though it will be far from easy. The third and final stage, and I have no idea how this will go down, is taking back the provincial correctional centre and rescuing all of the political prisoners inside.”

“Robert,” Smith asked, “You’ve been telling us that you have a man on the inside at the jail. Can you finally divulge his name?”

“Ryan Stanford.”

Jake was feeling quite restless. Although these plans sounded fireproof, he knew from firsthand experience that things could go south in a hurry. A lot of moving parts in orchestrated union.

“Robert,” Jake asked. “Do you think Nicole will be at the Canfield Building?”

“Most certainly,” Hunt replied. “Carragher, regardless of how many guards he has, would be reckless to stay in his home with all of those ticked off city residents roaming around. He’d most likely find his head on a pike. Don’t worry Jake. You and Nicole will be together once more.” Hunt looked over at Templeton. “Chris, we’ll need you to put your sniping skills to good use. There’s a building directly across the street from the Canfield. Metrolife Financial. I need somebody to go with you. I’m not sure who though.”

Mallory raised her hand. “I’ll go.”

All eyes looked upon the normally reserved young woman with surprise.

“Ms. Hutchinson, this is an extremely volatile situation,” Hunt said.

“What do you think I’ve been doing for the past six months? Painting my nails?”

“You don’t have to take my word for it,” Jake said proudly. “But Mallory is an excellent shot. She has taken out her share of enemy troops.”

“I learnt from the best,” Mallory said with a wink as she look at Jake.
Templeton turned to Mallory.

“Alright then kiddo, you’re coming with me,” Templeton stated.

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