When the Guns Were Turned On Us

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Chapter 72

Janet Paynter steeled her nerves as the infuriated masses of Kamloops residents burst through the gate of the facility and gathered inside of the main parking area. They were out for blood. It would only be a matter of time before they breached the main secured entrance. Bridgette and Sarah Jane looked anxiously through the bars of their cell, as did all of the other inmates in the cellblock. Every officer in the facility had assembled in the main foyer that served as a connecting point for the other areas of the prison. Stanford watched anxiously as his fellow guards got ready to make their stand.

Outside in the parking lot, the crowd parted ways as a man driving a bulldozer drove up to the main entrance and began ramming the piece of heavy machinery through it. The legion of heavily-armed correctional officers stood almost shoulder-to-shoulder in the main foyer. They raised their weapons as thousands of townsfolk poured into the prison through the administration area like a swarm of deadly hornets.

“Hold steady!” Paynter commanded.

The mob stormed down a corridor toward the foyer.


The thick phalanx of correctional officers fired a devastating volley into the mob. Several went down but the rest made a beeline for the officers. In seconds, the outnumbered prison guards found themselves engaged in a gory, fierce hand-to-hand battle.

Ryan Stanford had been waiting for the exact moment to do his part for the resistance. During the past few months, he had had a couple of discreet meetings with Bob Hunt. Stanford had been working at the jail when the occupation began but, like Brian Vance, could not abide actively taking part in the violation of citizens’ rights. He pressed the buttons that opened each of the cells in every cellblock.

Paynter looked on in horror as the inmates massed into the foyer and joined their fellow citizens in beating and stabbing the officers to death. Terrified for her life, Paynter went to run but was blocked by Bridgette and Sarah Jane.

“Karma’s a bitch, isn’t it, Paynter?” Sarah Jane said.

Paynter, who grasped a shotgun in her trembling hands, shakily pointed it at the two inmates but they wrestled it away from her.

Although she could have never envisioned herself doing such a thing, Sarah Jane knew in her heart that this cruel, cold-hearted bitch needed to die. She aimed the shotgun right at Paynter’s head. Paynter was so scared that she could hardly speak.

“This is for all the hell you put everybody through,” Sarah Jane stated before she pulled the trigger. Paynter’s head exploded in a blast that caused blood and brains to fly in all directions.

“You know,” Bridgette said. “The Bible does say that one shalt not kill. I’ve had many a fellow Christian say that covers everything. As far as I’m concerned, it’s wrong to commit murder of innocent people. It isn’t wrong though to destroy the evildoers amongst us.”

“Bridgette, I’m an atheist as well as a pacifist and even I can agree with you on that one,” Sarah Jane replied.


For several minutes, Jake had been trying to find his way around the Canfield Building. He had no idea where Nicole was and the proverbial clock was ticking. All of a sudden he heard the faint sound of yelling and banging. It was coming from the eighth floor. Jake darted up a flight of stairs. Far below was a large open area where the building’s swanky lobby was. As Jake rounded a corner, Frank Carragher appeared from out of nowhere. He grabbed the back of Arielle’s jacket with one hand and pointed the Browning 9mm at Jake with the other. Arielle trembled with terror at Carragher, then pointed the pistol at her head.

“So you’re the legendary Jake Scribner? The man who singlehandedly destroyed my domain. You turned an entire city of people I so desperately wanted to serve against me.”

“Carragher, the only person you’ve ever wanted to serve is yourself.”

“Jake, help me!” Arielle pleaded.

“You may have won this round Scribner, but you will never get to hold the most precious jewel in your life ever again…or her sweet little girl!”

Arielle struggled against Carragher’s grip. She bit down hard on his hand. Carragher yowled in pain. He let go of the child. As Arielle ran towards Jake, Carragher raised the revolver. Jake whipped out his Beretta and fired, hitting the district administrator in the chest. Injured, Carragher kept coming at Jake. Jake slammed Carragher in the stomach area with a sidekick. He doubled over writhing in pain.

“Oh come on. Is that all you’ve got?” Jake taunted him.

Carragher got back up. He lunged at Jake, who grabbed the overweight man and, using a judo-style throw, tossed him over a railing to the lobby far below. Carragher was impaled on the tip of a flagpole that held the national flag of the Republic of North America.

“How’s that for poetic justice you fat piece of garbage?”

Jake coughed up a spitball that landed right on Carragher.

Nicole banged on the locked officer door.

“Jake! Jake!”

Jake and Arielle rushed down the corridor to Carragher’s office.

“Nicole, move out of the way. I’m going to kick the door in.”

Nicole moved to the back of the office. With one solid front kick, Jake booted in the door. He wasn’t inside the office ten seconds before the long-separated lovers fell into each other’s arms.

“You probably already knew this,” Jake said. “But it was beyond lonely out there in the mountains without your body beside mine. We will never be apart like this again. That I can promise you.”

“Deep down, I knew you would not only survive this awful ordeal, but would use your elite military skills to restore freedom to our beautiful little part of the world.”

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