Pure Heart

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All of the parents are at war against the Sirens so the caretakers train them to be Elites or Housekeepers...this young woman...has Elite Training but is placed as a housekeeper and she changes the lives of her keepers

Action / Mystery
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Oh no, this cannot be happening! I made up an excuse to use the restroom and ran towards our bunkers. I quietly opened the door and opened our closet to find Archie's box opened! No no no! "Archie", I whispered,

"Archie come here dude!" "I have macaroons" I took one from the kitchen on my way here what can I say they looked really good and smelt like an angel's hair. All of an unexpectedly I heard squeaking and footsteps! Oh Lord why me. I thought Archie came from under my bed and I snatched him placing him in my pocket on the side of my dress "Archie you have to be quiet and squeak nothing or no more macaroons and Carmel for you fatty" He looked at me like I was stupid but did nothing-- "And here is the girl's room" I stood there frozen when she opened the door and everyone looked at me shook except Ms.Tren she gave me a death

stare "What are you doing in here!" She asked angrily " I was looking for...my mama's pendant she gave me I figured since it wasn't in the restroom, there is a chance I may have left it in here" I know I lied but if I told them I have a pet they would surely not give Is the money and I would be punished severely "well that is alright I know how important it is to lose something so important," Mr.Gale said gave him my best heart to heart smile

"so I best be on my way then..out of here... I have to meet up with the staff to make sure the helpers don't do anything wrong" I said with a polite smile and bowed my head to show respect." Alright then" I walked out relieved and still shaking all the sons looked at me like I was crazy, I walked away when a foot tripped me I let out a small shout but caught myself I turned and saw all the sons laughing and the Board even chuckled a slight but Ms.Tren gave me a smile and a death stare I looked at her with a pleading look on my face and she walked towards me and patted my head and said, "isn't she just charming and clumsy maybe one of your sons would take her?" She said I gave her the most awful scowl "Yes maybe, but she would hardly be a joker to them" Mr.Peterson said and they laughed some more, my brows creased so hard and I could feel my cheeks swell up and I filled with rage but I turned around and walked off what a bunch of-

nevermind acting out of anger does not solve my problems. I sighed and went to the living room but the girls weren't there what in the world I saw them outside in the garden so I went also, Sandra, Clementine, and Coco were reading on a covering while Kimberly, Tasia, and Trixie were by the water fountain with their umbrellas and Jasmine was alone by the table playing chess and sipping the tea I asked to accompany her and she responded

"Sure, would you care for some tea" I was confused because she never talked or was polite when spoken to "wonderful and I would love some tea?." She poured some tea out in a white mug with blue and gold swirls and clouds it looked like a painting I saw in a museum once I admired the mug and was curious "dod you...did you paint this?" I asked "yeah I did" she replied, "it's lovely!" I blurted "yeah, yeah now shush so I can focus," she said annoyed "oh, sorry," I said, and she's back so I sat there daydreaming

She wore a teal blue knee-high dress that has white lace at the bottom and by her neckline and it was a heart-shaped neckline and she added a lace belt to top it off the dress is very lovely and compliments her raven-colored hair, her complexion is pale, her eyes are the deepest of blue, freckles and pink thin lips. She is:
•loves chess
not much to say about her she pretty much keeps to herself.

I drank the rest of my tea and checkmate her, kissed her forehead "see ya later moon"
I call her that because her eyes and hair are from the night, I'm kidding but they do look like it.
I pranced over to the fountain where Trixie, Kimberly, and Tasia stand "hey fellas" I said "Armani! Where were you? I thought you were being punished by Ms.Tren or got lost trying to run from her" Trixie clarified, "no no I was grabbing Archie because I forgot he was in my closet but I fabricated my way out, but one of those stupid sons of theirs tripped me and they made fun of me!" I told "what no way you talked to the board? And interacted with their sons?" I nodded and handed her Archie. "Wow maybe I should accidentally leave Archie in the closet just to meet their sons," Tasia said while patting Archies head, we all laughed "but how did you persuade Ms.Tren to let you play in the garden?" I questioned, "She told us to, really, we didn't even ask." I stood there with my mouth open and stunned.
"Ok, if you say so, but I'm going to the kitchen to get some snacks I'm famished"

I walked through the back door and took my shoes off, I was not gonna bring dirt on these expensive rugs and tiles you have to be foolish to do such a thing. I made my way to the kitchen and heard one of my favorite songs playing "dreaming of you by Selena"

I ran into the kitchen and saw my BFF Leo dancing and mixing better... I ran up to him and joined him He saw me and rest the batter on the counter and held both my hands and brought me close to his chest to and then out again, twirled me around twice and next brought me close to him again this time my back was facing him "and there Is nowhere in the world id rather be" we laugh all as he rocked me side to side and we danced for a bit, but all of a sudden

He stopped and paused the music I looked at him to see what was wrong he just stared at the door I turned my head to see the sons of The Board standing there with smirks on their faces all five of them all look about 19 except the tallest Allan he looks 20. The one next to him is Kevon he is brown with hazel eyes and wet curly hair, The one next to him is Brian he has creamed skin with blue eyes and blonde hair. On the left side of Allan are Toby and Josh they both have somewhat spikey brown hair blue eyes and pink lips Twins but different styles. Hate to admit they are all really cute but they are so annoying.

"Well, look boys isn't it Ms.two left feet and Baker boy." They chuckled evilly, I just scowled and glared at them." I'm sorry sir, I will continue my work" he said "we will get back to work" I corrected and he looked at me with a thank but you don't have to look and I just nodded."aww so cute the love birds, but the man is supposed to take up for the girl, not vise verse" He said in a deep voice "I'm sorry sir but we need to focus on our work and your not assisting us. Can you
Excuse yourselves? I asked politely, with a small smile but he looked at me as if I had stupidly written on my forehead.

So I sneakily grabbed some flour off the countertop and walked over to them " I need you to leave please" but they all stood there smiling "who do you think you are? My mum?" Brian said and I decided it was time so I failed sneezed and blew the flour on them. "I think you need to get cleaned up, the lady's room is over there" I pointed their faces turned into glares and scowls "Are you out of your fricken mind these are very expensive suits, you stupid little girl!" He was about to attack me but a piece of dough came flying at his face I turned around and saw Leo with a scared look on his face." Leo, you are bad" and I snapped my fingers now let us finish these women of" I ran toward him and grabbed some icing, and threw it at Kevon

"Oh oh oh it is on I am not gonna let these scum-" but I threw a cupcake at him before he said another statement soon all of the boys were throwing either Flour, icing, dough, cake, or sugar around. My first aim was Allan and I hit him right In the face, next it was Brian I grabbed a cake and it landed on his chest just then sugar was poured on my head by Toby "You little-"but flour was tossed on me by Josh, so I aimed for Toby in my right and Josh on my left And I got both by their hearts. And we continued fighting and having pleasure, we were all laughing for a while
But then we heard the Board come in " What is the meaning of madness!" Mr. Gale shouted "Sir, we were just-" I tried to explain but Ms.Tren cut me off "You brat look what you have done now! I have never been so disgruntled, I trained you better than this!" She continued "your parents would be ashamed of such a manner" but I couldn't say anything so I looked at the floor. "And you call yourselves men!" Mr.Peterson said, "clean this up all of you and expect a punishment when you're done."
And they left.

"This is all my fault" I looked at Leo with sadness in my eyes and bit my lip "Yeah this is but I didn't get fired and we can still have a little fun he said smiling, he grabbed his phone and pressed play. I smiled at him and he handed me a broom we pretended the brooms were mics and swept like our lives depended on it. The Boards Sons laughed at us and I grabbed Josh and we slow danced until he realized what he was doing. And he forced himself back blushing. We all laughed at him.
The song finished and " Best Part" started playing "Omg I love this song !" I shouted I sang and The Bords Sons Joined in pretended like we were in music videos It was nice to see the Boards Sons have aasoft side.

**After the Cleaning*
I went to my bunker and Quietly opened the door "Armani! Thank God you are okay!" They hugged me."I have to get back Girls me and The Boards Sons had a food fight and now we are getting punished. I explained Ok and come back alive" Tasia said. I took a shower and changed into a blue long-sleeved crop top and matching sweatpants that wrote "Baby" in cursive on the side and I placed my fuzzy black night slippers on. And walked out of the room scared for my life.

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