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Sweet love

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Action / Romance
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Sweet love

"Jessie are you going to the party?" My friend Eliana said. "Well depends who's throwing it!" I Smirked. "Well omg you won't believe this! Jason Delvola is!" She Screamed. "OMG!" I said, with my high pich voice. "I'll ask my mom. I said.

(30 seconds later)

" aww fuck she said noooooooo!!" I angrily mumbled. "Well can you sneak out?" Eliana questioned. "Hm I could??" I questioned myself. "I'll have to be real sneaky, my parents are fucking stricked as fuck! I said.

(That night)

"Girl what the hell you actually did it!" Said Eliana, as I entered her Porsche. When we Arrived to Jason Delvola's mansion it was full of people. When I looked around I checked out the house. Then some drunk dude came up to me. "Hey baby girl you lookin sexy as fuck." "Thanks but no thanks." I said. Then I found Jason's room. When I walked in Jason lay in bed with a girl. "WHAT THE FUCK!" the girl said, when I walked in. She got up covering her breast and ass. "I'm so sorry abo- before I could finish he said, " no I'm sorry your problaby scared for life now. Here come sit down. When I sat down he touched my arms and he kissed down my back. I was confused why? Just why he would do this. Then he tried to pull of my tank top. "O-okay! Please don't do that." I softly said. "Please get out of my room if your gonna bitch around!" He said. I was thankful that I got out of there. I ran out to my friends car. 20 minutes later my friend rushed in the car with two men. She asked me if I was okay. I cried and told her I wanted to go home. "Girl I'm not allowing him to do that to my best friend We are going back in there and beating that bitches ass!" She told me. "Okay I'm in." I said. "Us to!" Said the men. "No your staying right there and keeping those lips warm for me." Eliana said.
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