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The chronicle of campania

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Start of the birth of James campania birth in 1892 and how his family legacy carry on and how the mafia game has changed over the years. James was made in 1915 or 1916 as he helped his crime family then he would become the capo in 1920s and then he would get promoted to underboss in 1926 and then after the war would be boss in 1929 and he would take his family strong from 1930s to 1960s with 1970s he would finally retire as who will take over

Action / Adventure
Asad Chaudhry
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character intro

James Campania born in 1892

vitorio de luca born in 1890

adamo De Blase born in 1882 mafia soldier died in 1919

Nestore Ferrari born in 1879 mafia soldier died in 1916

Vicenzo Di Mauro born in 1871 mafia soldier become capo in 1920 and underboss in 1930 to 1955

Luciano De Luca born in 1863 mafia capo and under boss from 1920 to 1926 and boss from 1926 to 1929

Elmo Genovese born in 1862 mafia capo died in 1916

Ferro Bruno born 1861 mafia capo dies in 1929

Sonny Salvetti born 1880 mafia under boss dies in 1926

Alberto Salvetti born in 1855 mafia boss dies in 1920

Salvetti family become campania in 1930

Baldo Pasquale, born in 1901 become made in 1925 become capo in 1930

Natale De Angelo, born in 1899 become made in 1925 and become capo in 1930

Alano Cesari, born in 1900 become made in 1925 and become capo in 1930

Orlando Romano born in 1846 mafia boss dies in 1930

Jimmy Romano born in 1872 mafia underboss dies in 1930

Attilio Colombo born in 1855 mafia capo dies in 1930

Pepe Ciccone born in 1859 mafia capo dies in 1930

Celestino Rossi born in 1873 mafia soldier

Giorgio Boni born in 1876 mafia soldier

Renzo Fazio born in 1851 mafia boss dies in 1930

Eric Fazio born in 1875 mafia underboss dies in 1930

Celio Conti born in 1864 mafia capo dies in 1930

Vincente Costa born in 1867 mafia capo dies 1930

Silvano Moretti born in 1874 mafia soldier

Andrea Costa born in 1878 mafia soldier

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