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The chronicle of campania

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Start of the birth of James campania birth in 1885 and how his family legacy carry on and how the mafia game has changed over the years

Action / Adventure
Asad Chaudhry
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James campania born in 1892 in sicily from his parents lucio campania and Vicky campania. They were a poor family james mother born in 1859 and James campania father was born in 1857 both of his parents was born in sicily. He had two older sister called talia and hermosa and his older brother luis born 5 year before him they not actual twin but close enough and look the same to be twins. In sicily they lived for 5 years until in 1897 they had to move to USA to get a better life. The Campania he moved to is a city in the USA called Crystal city (Las vegas) he had a great time there during his childhood years as it was fun dispite the bad area they lived in. They lived in an area the apartment in crystal city. Then we skip to when when he was 11 in 1903 and during a jewel store robbing he escaped as his father lucio died in 1903 during his work at the restaurant his death was mysterious no one knew. That where James story start his family kept strong for everyone in it especially there mum and grandparents over in sicily who was too old to be allowed in the country. During the late 1800s America had only recently allowed sicily Italian in the country as they were allowed to leave a United Italy. Life was good during usa for James. He made a good friend vitorio de luca born in 1890 in sicily and moved to USA in 1899 2 years after James. He liked to call himself vito as James and vito was good mates during there childhood. His childhood didn't last long as during 1917 his siblings had to fight in world war 1 as during the war both his sisters died in 1915 and 1914 with there reason being heart attack and cancer. Both James and luis fought in the war but one survived as luis died for the USA and saved James from the attack and by the ear ended James would return back to his home and have a kid in 1917 named Valentino. The war made the kids of his sisters orphan as there was two nephew of James named Alberto and cristiano both born in 1909. After the war in 1918 James decide to start to join a crime family one day
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