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Right Dress

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Jack Swift. An unknown sort, fighting for everything he believed in. A Royal Marine in his own right saw everything in black and white. Through explosions, bullets, and knives he’s only been in hell, until a girl saves him.

Action / Drama
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Chapter 1:

Private . Yes sir. Why you still here, you’re meant to be on that bus back home. Home?. Yes. Fine, when’s the next bus. At 18:00 hours. So in half an hour. I didn’t know you could tell time Private.

TROOP! Stand at formation, by the right dress. stand at ease, stand easy. Because, of the Christmas season you’re all on paid leave. Those bus’ behind me will take you back home. Go back to your homes. You shall receive a letter when you come back. TROOP! Ho! Dismissed!

Cold, Ragged, and unsure. His mind was lost, even though the rest of marines were joking and comparing stories, they all remembered what happened.

Swift! Yes lad. You ain’t talkin’ much. Just thinking. ‘bout?. Nothing interesting. C’mon tell me. Yeah tell us Swift. Bet you got some stories. Suddenly the whole bus was interested in his thoughts. Fine, fine, you bastards. We were in Iraq. Yep. Let me tell my fuckin’ story. Fine. Anyway we were in Iraq we were doing a house raid, there was four of us, only one came back. Fuck Swift. Are you goin’ let me tell my story or do I need put you sideways. Fine, sorry, carry on.

Hold up! The bus driver exclaimed. Swift leaned over. Whats up?

Fuck. You alive. Get up. Swift. Shit. Swift you alive?
Yeah barely. Get that pistol. The fuck happened? Just RUN.

You, okay swift? Yeah, but, ahhh, my head. Get to this fire an’ drink this. Fuck, what happened? IRA it looked like. Damn, where’s the res-. Dead. All? From what I saw but, I just picked you up an ran west. Did they see you? If they did we’d be dead with them. So what now? Survive I guess, from this map we’re only 18 miles away from Congleton. I’ve got family there. Same but, we need get up an’ just run I’ve heard some dogs an’ Irish accents. Let’s go then you lazy bastard. Haha c’mon then.

Lights! Well you don’t say. Swift you’re bein’ an arsehole now. Well, I can’t say I’m happy can I. I was there too and I helped you remember. Thank you. What? Did you just say ‘thank you’. Shut up. So the great Jack Swift has a heart. I’ll fucking hit you back to that explosion. Swift! What too soon? Look buildings’ see if we can get a ride. From a stranger? Yes. You’re so dumb, IRA are about. Fine! We’ll do it your way.

There! only took us what? 3 hours to walk when you wanted to trust a stranger. Right we’ll split here but in 2 days on the 28th. There’s a military centre right there, you blind as well as stupid. Oh, haha, guess you right.

Names? Private Jack Swift. Corporal Liam Johnson.
Wai-but, you both were pronounce dead. Ma’am I don’t want to seem rude but, we don’t have the time to play this game we just need some clothes and money. Fine some changing rooms at the back here’s £50 each. Thank you. Dress uniforms! Swift shut up and get them on, we’re both seeing our families might as well show off and look presentable. Fine.

Swift. Yes. See you soon ay. Yeah I guess. Bye brother of arms.

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