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The Assassin’s Turnover

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Danielle Parkinson. A 22 year old undercover assassin working for a secret organisation. Isaac Higgins. A 24 year old undercover agent who happens to work for the US government. When the pair are given individual jobs to take the other down at the same location, but also without any knowledge of the others mission, they finally meet at the brink of death. Soon figuring out that information they were told wasn't entirely true they decide to team up together to figure out the truth in a rush of survival. -------- Start Date: 16/03/2021 Finish Date: 30/08/2021 --------

Action / Romance
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Chapter One: The Assignment

His fist came towards me, striking my left collarbone. I winced, hissing slightly through my teeth. I blinked a few times quickly before focusing on the man in front of me again.

He was tall, taller than me, and at least reaching a height of 6"5. Maybe taller. I was only around 5"5, so clearly there was a major height different between us. His curly brown hair fell into his face messily, sweat dripping from it. His eyes were dark, almost black, as they glared down at me. One twitched slightly, darting to my left and right before throwing his curled right fist to my face again.

I managed to swing my hand up in time and caught it just inches from my nose, preventing it from breaking it. He pushed his arm forwards even more harder, trying to get to my face. But I tightened my hand around his knuckles, slowly twisting his arm around. His eyes twitched, narrowing as he winced in pain. I twisted his arm more, causing it to do a full 180 before I kicked my left leg up, aiming it at his torso.

He fell backwards and his back hit the desk behind him. He landed on the desk, falling through it quickly as it was old and clearly unstable. His body landed on the floor in a heap, hitting the floor with a wince and a small groan of pain. His eyes glared up at me. If looks could kill...

"You bitch" he snarled before throwing himself up, clenching his fists together tightly. I smirked and shook my ankle a little bit, trying to shake the little amount of pain that surged from it.

"Thank you sweetheart" I chuckled before I swung a hand forwards, managing to land it on his face. He stumbled slightly, holding a hand to his cheek. He laughed without humour, moving his tongue around the inside of his mouth before spitting blood to the floor. He looked at me with a small narrow of the eyes before he charged at me again. Punches were thrown at my face and kicks were launched at my ribs, but with every one thrown, I managed to block it whilst taking a step back every time.

"I'd look behind you if I was you" he laughed, throwing me a smirk. I did a small turn after blocking another heavy punch to my face and saw I was backing slowly into a wall. A dead end from the corridor I was currently fighting in. I looked back at the man and smirked. My eyes caught side of a small table we passed and I ducked under his arm as he threw another punch to my face and slid on the floor through his legs. As I slid on the floor, I threw my hand up and grabbed the small object that was taped to the under-side of the table. The man turned around and I held my arms up, pointing the small handgun at his face.

I saw his eyes widen slightly, shocked I was able to find a weapon. "Where did you get that?"

I smirked and cocked the gun, aiming it just between his eyes. "Wouldn't you like to know pretty boy"

He glared at me again before he walked towards me quickly, holding an arm back. Just as he was about to throw his possible thousandth punch at me, I pulled the trigger and the single bullet that was left in the gun soured through the air. It flew though the middle of his eyes, cracking the skull and flying straight out of the back. His eyes were wide and frozen as his knees buckled, falling to the floor. As he is knees hit the floor, his upper body fell and landed on the cold flooring. Dead.

I released a sigh before holding a finger to my ear, pressing a small button on the device that was lodged there. "Mission 107, Xander McDonald, is complete"

There as silence before someone spoke back to me. "Congratulations Miss Parkinson. You may head back to base now. People will come to collect and cover up the body at once"

"Over and out" I breathed out before letting my hand fall to my side. I looked at the deceased man laid face down in-front of me and gave him a small sarcastic salute, before turning my heel and leaving. I quickly made my way from the building and managed to avoid anyone I walked into by quickly tasing them before they could see me, even though they wouldn't see my face properly as I wore a face mask that covered half of my face, and found my motorcycle still parked where I had left it. I sighed to myself before climbing on and leaving the parking lot quickly.

I drove down the city roads of New York before finding an abandoned building that was settled on a road that lead out of the city and more into the country roads. I slowly drove my bike into the abandoned garage and locked the door behind me. I darted my eyes around the now dimly lit room since I lit a small candle and pressed a small red button that was hidden inside a fake book. The room shook slightly before it started to move downwards. After a few movements, the room disappeared and it was now just a wooden flooring. It landed on the floor with a small shake and around me, was a large office that lead off to many corridors and rooms.

"Good evening Danielle" a man smiled at me, making his way to my bike and moving it from the wooden flooring. "Did you complete the mission okay?"

I nodded curtly. "Of course I did Marcus"

He nodded at me before pulling the bike to another room, a large one where bikes and all sorts of vehicles are stored. I made my way across the large room, passing many desks and computer screens before opening a door and slipping inside.

"Hello boss" I greeted as I sat down at a chair at a long oval table, sitting cross legged. The woman I greeted looked over at me and smiled tightly, almost as if she wasn't too happy to see me.

"Hello Danielle, How was your mission?" She asked, seeming extremely uninterested. I narrowed my eyes slightly before answering.

"It was easy as pie" I laughed, giving a smirk before grabbing the small packet of cigarettes laid on the table. I pulled one from the pack and lit it with the lighter that was laid next to it, placing the stick between my lips.

"We have a new mission for you Miss Parkinson" a man said and I recognised him as someone who worked closely with my boss, Ms Martha Jansons.

"Already?" I asked, an eyebrow shooting up. "Usually takes you guys a few weeks"

A boy snorted from opposite me, and when I looked up at him I knew him as Brett Lewis, another assassin who worked for this cruel company.

"She's not wrong" Brett laughed, playing with torn pieces of paper between his fingers.

His curly dark blonde hair fell into his face, looking like a mop. You could barely see his eyes from underneath the blonde strands that fell in front of his eye-line, hiding a good quarter of his tanned face. His head would always be tilted forwards just by a slight, so his hair would fall farther into his face and you would only just barely be able to see his dark brown eyes from the gaps. I'm not sure whether it was the angle his face would be at or the way his eyes would narrow at everyone he encountered, but it was clearly why he looked intimidating. That, and the fact he was over 6ft tall with muscles that printed perfectly onto his shirts and the tattoo sleeves that ran up each of his toned arms.

"Enough with the remarks" Martha sighed heavily before picking up a folder, sliding it across the table to me. I looked at it and saw my name was on it in bold, black letters and the words 'private and confidential' were stamped on it in red. I nodded before parting my mouth, letting a small cloud of smoke fly from my mouth.

"Well aren't you going to open it?" The man, Theodore, asked me with a confused look on his face. I looked at him as Martha sighed.

"She always has to finish smoking first" she muttered and grabbed her water bottle, taking a swig. I nodded in agreement before taking another puff from the cigarette that balanced perfectly between my index and middle finger. I took a few more puffs before leaning over the table, handing it to Brett. He gave me a thankful grin before taking it between his fingers, immediately taking a drag.

I sat back down and opened the folder, seeing information immediately. There was a picture of a man, who seemed just a bit older than my age, clipped onto the paper. He had dark brown hair that fell longer than your average male haircut, down and barely past his ears. It was almost shaggy looking yet it didn't fall into his face as it it seemed to have fallen to the left side of his face and blended there with the rest of his hair. There was a few dark moles that dotted around the lower part of his face and light stubble from a beard crossed the porcelain skin of his jaw and cheeks, missing an area under his lips, and partially onto his neck. His eyes were dark brown, almost similar to Brett's. The appearance made him seem almost intimidating or dangerous, in ways like Brett. Dangerous looking. But despite that fact, he was extremely attractive.

"What did he do?" I asked as I kept my eyes trained at the usual information I get when reading these files - height, weight, full name, etc.

"He's an agent for the US government" Martha answered in mono-tone and I snapped my head up rapidly.

"I've never had to deal with someone who worked in a place like that. I thought that was one of our rules - to not make cases against agents?" I asked, confusion written on my face as I stared at the picture of the man.

"It is one of our rules, but he killed one of our own Danielle. I'm sure you would understand that" Martha told me, giving me a sickly sweet smile.

"I do understand that boss, but this could risk everything. I could get caught so easily" I told them, and it seemed to only be me that noticed the danger in this mission. If one minor thing was to go wrong, I could be arrested and put away for good. And that wasn't something I was totally up for especially due to the fact I didn't exactly chose this lifestyle.

"You'll be fine, you always manage a way to figure things out if something goes wrong" Martha sighed, raising an eyebrow at me. I pursed my lips and sighed.

"Who did he kill?" I asked and I saw Theodore frown.

"It was Jane Heightens, your ex-partner" he told me and I nodded, feeling my fist clench slightly.

Jane wasn't just my ex partner who I used to work with on missions at the start of this dreaded career, but she was literally my ex partner. Like, we dated for two years before it ended just under two years ago. But, of course it wasn't on good terms. She had ended up having an affair on me, with her own boss and manager. Of course, it made me hate her to a next level but I never wanted to kill her. Myself anyways.

"I'll do it" I muttered, closing the folder before reading the rest of the information inside. Martha smirked and turned to Theodore who nodded slightly. I frowned slightly before turning away, ignoring it. I picked up the folder and began to walk from the room when Martha called out my name.

"You will leave in a week, and the mission overall will probably end up lasting longer than a week so pack for longer. It won't be easy" she told me with a small smirk and I nodded. I walked from the room and I heard footsteps trailing after me.

"This doesn't seem right at all" Brett muttered from besides me as we walked through the main room of this base and to the closest corridor. "Did you see the way Martha smirked at my boss when you agreed to do it?"

Theodore was Brett's boss to clarify that one.

I nodded, humming in agreement. "Yeah I did, but she's probably just happy in her sick and twisted mind that I can kill another person"

"Probably" Brett laughed, "Do you think you'll be able to do it on your own? I mean he's an agent, I could ask boss if I can help?"

I shook my head as we reached a door, which I opened quickly. "No thanks Brett, I'll be able to handle it. I'm fine thank you"

He nodded before saluting to me, walking into the room with me and sitting down at my desk, playing a game on his phone. I locked the door behind me and plopped down at my bed, looking at the folder. There wasn't as much information in here as there usually is. Normally, there is at least three or four pages worth of information. But this man had only a page and a half.

I read through the little information I was given, trying to learn as much as I could about this man. His name was Isaac Higgins and he was currently 24, born in '97. He wasn't super tall, only around 5'9, and didn't seem like he weighed a lot either. There was skill of his written down which consisted of guns and basic fighting mainly, which seemed like a good advantage. For the both of us really.

Martha was right. The reason written here for wanting him terminated was due to killing one of our own assassins, and clearly they didn't want that tolerated here. But why put me up to killing the man who killed my ex? I mean, did they really think I wanted revenge? I couldn't really care less as it would possibly happen soon enough anyways.

There was some more details, as to what town and cities he would be at the time I was to complete the mission and the places he would be going too. There wasn't much to read after that, so I set it down and made my way to my computer and getting to work.

I booked a hotel room reservation at the same one he would be staying at during the first week of the mission but nowhere else due to the fact I didn't know whether he would be staying there the entire time or moving around. I didn't exactly have a lot of information with me. I then managed to create a fake identity for myself, as I could have to be undercover for at least ninety percent of the time.

"Dani Perkinson would be a good name right, even though it's fairly close to my own name?" I muttered, looking over at Brett. He looked up and made his way to me, looking over my shoulder at the screen.

"It might be too close, maybe chose a different last name?" He suggested and I nodded. "Chose the name Parker"

I quickly typed that name in and it looked fairly okay. I turned to him and smiled, "gonna need you to take some lovely photos of me now"

He laughed and nodded, grabbing my camera from my desk. "What are you changing about your appearance then? To make you look different?"

I hummed. "My hair?"

He nodded and let me rummage through different props and wigs I had for certain missions like this. I chose a blonde wig that fell down to the middle of my back. I quickly put it on and looked at myself, seeing a decent enough difference from how I looked before. My dark brown hair that fell just below my shoulders was now hidden well enough.

"Ooo it's like a different person is with me" Brett commented sarcastically, and I rolled my eyes at him. He continued to take photos of me, photos that would be appropriate enough for an ID. After taking at least twenty, we chose one which made me look less pale than I usually do and less tired. We added the photo the fake ID and like always, it looked real and amazing. I quickly sent it to my boss, waiting for her approval on it so she could get it sorted for me.

"I'll let you pack?" Brett suggested and I nodded. He gave me a small wave before slipping out of the door. I didn't start to pack though, instead I jumped straight into my bed as I was extremely exhausted due to the events from today.

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