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Host Nation(Brazil 2014)

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This book talks about one young boy called Ozil Smith who got super natural powers and saved his parents, friends, girlfriend and every individual who were at the Estadio do Maracaná in Río de Janeiro during the FIFA World Cup final from the Adwinfi Traders and their leader Jazz who tried to destroy the name of football and world peace Read this book and know how Ozil Smith saved the number of about 76,804 people in the stadium and the number of about 900 passengers in the plane at the same time at the same place (HOST NATION)

Osei Bonsu Luiz
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Chapter 1

It was Eight-thirty in the morning ,Ozil Smith into the class and Mr. Luiz the English teacher stop teaching and walked towards him , He asked him why he was late but Ozil gave him no answer ,The Teacher became angry and sacked him out .
whiles Ozil was waiting for the teacher to get out before he can get in, he saw a very beautiful lady called Mary Jane who came out from the The principal’s office.
Ozil’s Shoes were dirty so he hid at the back of one door to prevent Mary Jane from seeing him. Mary passed without seeing him,
When it was Ten o’clock that same morning
it was change lesson so Mr. Luiz was about to get out from the class when Ozil entered the class immediately he entered the class Mr. Luiz said “Oh God why is this boy always dirty like theirs ,I wonder how he is going to pass this Text”.and walked out.
All the students Mocked him and threw
papers at him until he went to his desk .
He told his one only best friend Kingzkid that he saw this very beautiful girl when he was outside but Kingzkid was not able to Identify the girl his friend was talking about.
It was Three o’clock in the afternoon that day and the bell runged for closing , When Ozil and Kingzkid were walking to the school bus they saw Mary Jane with her friends and Ozil told Kingzkid that was the girl she was talking about, Kingzkid laughed and said to Ozil “That is the daughter of Mr.Clark and when the principal sees you around her daughter I swear to God you are dead”
Kingzkid made fun of Ozil but Ozil Ignored him and watched Mary Jane with such a disgusting look in the face until the bus moved away.
Ozil stepped out from the bus and walked straight to the door ,he asked “mommy is there any milk in the fridge” he walks to the fridge and opened it mommy replied him “Lazy boy,you do nothing in this house all you is eating. He smiled and took the ball of milk and cornflakes he made to his dirty and disorganized room. He started thinking about the angel he saw at school and happiness was drawn all over his face .He finished with Cornflakes and went down stairs to wash the bowl ,he found mommy at the kitchen with some papers crying but he pretended he didn’t see mommy and went back to his room.
It was seven O’clock in the next morning when Mr.Luiz came to the class ,and Ozil was this time seated on his desk Mr.Luiz gave each student an exam question paper and asked them to Start work. thirty minutes was past and all the students were writing with exception of Ozil who had not write anything but was waiting for Kingzkid to finish with his questions and help him. but unfortunately for Ozil, Kingzkid did not finish early so the time was at hand and Mr.Luiz came for the papers.
The papers was marked and distributed to the students after the papers was distributed Mr.Luiz disgraced Ozil for getting zero in the text,The students mocked him.
Ozil and Kingzkid went to the dinning hall during break, they saw Mary Jane with her friends and Ozil was encouraged by Friend to confront her Ozil never liked that Idea but he listened to his friend and tried to do so but Mary got a call from his father so she run to his office immediately.
Ozil got back to his friend and said “I was almost there but she ran to her father’s office ,Oh poor Ozil I was close and I don’t I can have this energy to confront her again” but Kingzkid encouraged him to have patient
after break The Two boys went back to the class and saw Griffen one their class mate holding Ozil’s Script and making fun with it , Ozil took it from him and warned him not to go into his bag again but Griffin said “or else what huh or you will ask that your poor mom to come and beat me up huh” Ozil got up boldly and pushed him to the war and said “never call my mom poor again or else I will break your nose pig” Griffin said those words again and Ozil gave him a blow on his nose. The two boys started fighting and the principal called them both to his office he asked them to clean the school toilet for a week .
They did as the principal asked them to do
by cleaning the toilet or one week.
Some days later ,Mr.Clark called Ozil to his office and asked why his was late that day , after talking to him he asked him to leave for class when Ozil Opened the door he had a crushed with a lady and the papers that the lady was holding felt down so they both picked it up and when he raised up his head he came to noticed the girl to be Mary Jane, he look into the eyes of Mary and kept mute until the girl said sorry and he also replied sorry and went to his class. He told Kingzkid what happened but Kingzkid still made fun of him.
the two friends went to the dining hall when it was break time, whiles they were eating at the table Mary Jane and her friends came in from the entrance and as soon as she saw Ozil she waved him and walked passed them, Kingzkid then believed what Ozil told him earlier.
It was sports time so Kingzkid and Ozil decided to go to the Basketball class and whiles they were going Ozil said “She smiled to me, That Angel really liked me”. Kingzkid replied “Ozil wake up ,dear friend wake this girl is not ready to hang out with you, you are not her type” Ozil smiled and put his arm around Kingzkid’s shoulder.
When They got to the basketball court They saw Mary Jane in there ,she again look into Ozil’s eyes and smiled . When The basketball class was Over ,Mary walked to Ozil and gave him a piece of paper and kissed him on the cheek .Mary joined her friends and walked away ,Immediately Kingzkid started fooling and making some funny comments about what just happened, when he opened the paper it contained some words which stated “Dear will you like to have a date with me ,my number is at the back of this paper call me if you are interested❤️”after reading this both boys shouted and jubilated ,They walked in to the bus after closing , they got seated and got off .
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