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George 6th longer reign

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Had he lived long enough to witness the early 80s and help the British empire glory again

Action / Adventure
Asad Chaudhry
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Chapter 1 George was saved

1952 February 5th it was a cold day for England as king george 6 was in treatment for his lung cancer he was out straight to surgery as he was prepared for it as he took the risk and had lung surgery to help him live long as he promised not to smoke. During his surgery princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip was abroad during the surgery and Prince charles was at home with his grandmother. The surgery was intense as everyone was nervous that it was going to fail as the king was having problem since world war 2. The country prayed for the king to be better as his rule helped them survive and win the war. The 56 year old king was in top surgery while everyone was waiting he had a chance he could die the next day but the wasn't the case as he survived. The next day the crowd jubilation of the king reign carrying on as people like Louis mountbatten was happy for him. However king george knew there was alot of work he needed doing after he was drop back home. The king knew if the monarchy were to survive he need to stop giving louis mountbatten a job as commander as his Job in India made India left the empire. George the 6th would contract queen elizabeth about he alive as George was still king as the next couple of decades he think he may live or not. After his lung surgery started to heal and it took a week for him to gain full power and strength to move as he decide to to try a save the British empire the early 50s was quite rough for the king as he spend the 50s ordering reform and preventing countries form leaving the empire with his charm as everyone saw him as a war hero.The monarch was so strong as they were able to save colonies as none of the colonies left during the 50s only ones to be separated was Ireland and Pakistan and India who left the empire the rest decide to remain in the empire due to king george humbleness one person hated george fame was Edward 8th his brother as he wanted himself as king now he watching his brother known as one of the best. The king would go constant traveling around his empire showing his love to his supporter as everyone praised the monarchy for there die hard support as during the election of his colony 71% chose Monach the rest of 29% chose against as the monach was allowed to stay as there empire. The British empire was still big however not as big as it did lose a couple of colony. The king and Queen was quite busy around the world as the princess and Philip was around the empire during the 50s to save the empire. Now George was healthy will he survive toward the 60s.
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