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If kaiser wilhelm not abdicate

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Had he not abdicated how would this help the future

Action / Adventure
Asad Chaudhry
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1918 the kaiser stay on

It November 15 1918 the war had ended 4 days ago. Germany is in tormile after seeing the kaiser not leaving and staying as emperor there are riot in the city wanted to fight for freedom. Lucky for the German emperor, George 5th offered to help dispite if he did he would be killed by his own people and his other relatives the king of Denmark to help wilhelm keep his throne. The riot was started by a group of people mainly Jewish people who wanted the kaiser out. However being a absolute monach was going to be tough to stay in power as in days it was a hard decision to make to abdicate or stay and fight for his empire. The other kingdom hope for kaiser to stay so there throne won't be overthrow like in Russia now soviet Union. The German government was in confusen whether to keep the kaiser of not as it getting out of hand. The kaiser family was safe in his Palace for now but wasn't sure what they going to do. Kaiser knew he had 2 choice stay as absolute and maybe have a chance or die. Or became a consitutial monach and claim his throne for generations. The next day kaiser wilhelm would be sat in his room with his remaining loyal guards was protecting him as he had no choice so he decide to hold a telegraph.

"Hello my people I can see your frustration in me still in power however as kaiser I want to do my best and help run this country i can see my way as a absolute isn't working so my people I've consider to lower my power like a constitutional monach and let the government managed it aswell. I'm still your kaiser and I'm deeply sorry for what we been through but if you people listen and germany can be successful. " everyone was startled as they all disliked him for the war however was able to forgive him for his trying to get to people to forgive him. The people decided to wait for the treaty of versallies in 1919. When kaiser wilhelm go with Austria hungry Bulgaria and Turkey to the meeting at first the demand was too high but the leader knew that the kaiser wasn't at fault for it so germany only had to pay 40billion German marks which would only take him 28 years to pay the alliance as the German seem happier with kaiser wilhelm offer to the treaty as it was 132billion or 40billion so they agree kaiser wilhelm also made sure that was the only agreement and his army capacity isn't full and no one can use his mines and steal his rare materials. After the treaty of versallies the German government was pleased in kaiser wilhelm orders and now they have nothing to worry about in Germany. The kaiser was back on his throne and now everyone loved him again now he has another problem the lost Austria hungry empire as after Franz josef there was no empire however during the treaty kaiser wilhelm was offered to pay 25billion but was against it and took 40billion plus Austria hungry land that they were going to sell. Instead of him being successor after Franz Joseph nephew Charles it be kaiser second son Eitel Friedrich. The vote for leader came between eital or Charles the unpopular hasburg dysentery. The votes in 1919 came in with a huge difference in vote. The people in the empire wanted the son of kaiser to be incharged as king Frederick was crowned king of Austria hungry in 1920 in the Palace with kaiser wilhelm seeing his plan work the alliance can't get involved as it the people doing not corruption. The kaiser son and him will rule over the rest.
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