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Falling Angels

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Lucian, a member of the Vampire clan accidentally stumbles upon a dark plot to destroy both the Heavens and the Earth. Lucian must figure out a way to save everything they know. But will unexpected, and potentially dangerous love ruin it all?

Action / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Luke sat on the low wall overlooking the water. The moon shone over the lake casting a dim reflection. The moon wasn’t full tonight, fortunately. A lone leaf floated across the water’s delicate surface, like a little boat making a long journey. Luke had always been fascinated by nature. Its stillness, unbending endurance fascinated him. Nature will always be here. Even when humans were gone, when everything else on Earth had disappeared, nature will endure.

He sighed and looked at his reflection. His pale gold hair shone bright, like a match under the night sky. There was a long silver streak in it. His sharp, angular face was very white, with some traces of a tan. His ears were pointed sharply at the ends. Once, Anna had called him beautiful. But, she had said, he was beautiful in the way a storm was beautiful, terrifying and yet, observers could not look away. Luke had, of course, no idea what she’d been talking about but had just nodded anyways, it was the best thing to do with Anna.

He was tall, but lanky. Thanks to Azel’s strict fitness regiment, he was muscular, but not overly so. He had long pianist fingers, splattered with paint at the moment. His eyes were a very dark red, scarlet. An unnatural color only the most powerful of his kind possessed. The water rippled at his touch. The wind shifted slightly behind him, it was a small thing, something no human would notice, but Luke did.

“Luke! I’ve been looking all over for you! Have you been here the whole time?” Anna cried

Luke turned to his friend. She was tall, with auburn hair and brown eyes that stood out against the pale skin of their kind. She wore a short red dress and red stiletto heels. Black mascara made her look feline in appearance.

“No Anna, before this, I made a trip to Mars. Then after that, I decided to terrorize the humans and steal their children” He said

Her mouth widened, showing her long, sharp canine teeth, in surprise. “What?” She gasped

He sighed “No, I was joking” Anna failed to notice sarcasm unless she concentrated

Anna glared at him.

“Well come on, we have to leave. The human hunters are having a party, and we” she smiled “are going to crash it”

Flying to a party I am not invited to, feeling like the streets need me” Luke mused thoughtfully

Anna didn’t listen to music much so she stared at him blankly. He sighed, Anna was his best friend, but made little effort to understand the human world.

“Nevermind, lets go” He dusted off his dirty jeans and stood up.

Anna wrinkled her nose “You’re not wearing that” She said with a distasteful glance at his clothes.

He was wearing plain blue jeans and a blue cotton tee with a pair of black Vans (he couldn’t find his blue ones)

“What’s wrong with this?” He asked

“Other than the fact that you look like you’ve been rolling around in a mud pile, we’re dressing to blend in. It’s a dress party, showing up dressed informally will draw attention” She said

Luke muttered something unpleasant but said “Fine”

Anna smiled “Great, I get to give you a makeover” She took him by the hand and dragged him after her.

He sighed, he never liked Anna’s makeovers. She was good at them, but he really didn’t like drawing attention to himself. And when Anna gave him makeovers, everyone tended to stare at him.

They emerged from the foliage into the garden of a large Victorian mansion. Tall spires protruded into the night sky. The points rose high, the many windows reflected the moonlight. This was where he and Anna lived, ‘Le Maison de la Nuit’ The House of Night.

They stepped in through the back door. Harry, who was tending to the garden greeted them. His black hair gleaming.

“Ahhh, and here I thought you’d gotten lost” He said

Luke rolled his eyes at him “Sorry to get your hopes up”

He smiled, long incisors showing. “You must get dressed quickly, the Children of Man await us”

“I know, Anna’s decided to give me a makeover” Luke said sulkily

Harry stepped out of their path “Oooh, good luck” Then he was gone

“Come on!” Anna said from down the hall

Luke hurried after her. She was already in his room, rummaging through his closet by the time he entered.

His room was messy, with clothes and books strewn all over the places. Mugs of coffee, half-drunk, a supernatural textbook lay open on his desk. His bed was unmade, as usual. Part of the mess was due to Anna, who was currently throwing clothes out of her closet.

“You know, you really ought to get some nicer clothes. You can’t always look so plaid and casual all the time.” She said

Luke flopped down on the bed “Plaid and casual is my style. I can’t hunt in a tuxedo”

She snorted “You’re lucky you’re cute, people make an exception for you.”

He shook his head numbly as she continued to paw through his clothes.

“What’s going on with you anyways?” She asked

He frowned a little.

“What do you mean?”

She sighed as if exasperated “I mean what’s going on with you? Why haven’t you got with anybody yet?”

Normally, he wouldn’t answer. But it was Anna, he could tell her anything “Well, I mean I haven’t found anyone”

Anna clicked her tongue as if she’d thought of something “Are you gay?”

“What? No!” Luke said

She turned to look at him “You know it’s alright if you are right”

“Yes, I know, but I’m not”

She shrugged and resumed looking “So what’s taking you so long?”

He hugged his stomach and stared up at the ceiling. “I have been with girls before Anna”

“Having sex doesn’t qualify as being with someone”

“It’s close enough”

“No, it’s not” She said with a sigh

“It’s just that most girls that I come across don’t seem right to me. It always seems like they’re missing something, like I know who’s the one for me but no matter how hard I try I can’t find her.”

“Hmmm, well I’d say something otherworldly was going on. Maybe you’re tied to someone and you don’t know it. It used to happen to us a lot but now it’s rare to be tied.”

“Maybe” He agreed

“Aha!” She cried triumphantly

She had managed to find a dark suit in the far reaches of his closet. He exhaled heavily, he’d forgotten about that suit.

“Come here” She said

When Luke made no attempt to move she took him by the hand and yanked him to his feed, then led him to the bathroom and sat him in a chair in front of the mirror.

He normally didn’t like looking at himself in the mirror. His kind only showed up occasionally in reflective surfaces, and usually if he was trying to see himself he wouldn’t show up, likewise if he didn’t want to see himself he would of course show up.

She opened one of the drawers and came out with a comb, he gritted his teeth as she ran the comb through his tangled hair.

“Jesus, An dont pull my damn hair out!” He swore

“Sorry” She in a tone indicating that she wasn’t in the least sorry

When she was done with the comb she pulled out the scissors, he yelped and tried to duck away but she placed a firm hand on his shoulder and said “Don’t move around or I’ll accidentally cut your head off or something”

He considered this option, he wouldn’t die if his head came off. There were previously few ways which he actually could die. But at the same time, it would still hurt. He resolved that staying still and enduring the torture was the best option. She smiled, and began to cut.

Golden strands of hair fell to the floor. He watched them mournfully go, mournfully.

Ten minutes later, she was finally finished. His hair was cut short on the sides and left long on the top. His golden curls fell over his right eye. He scowled.

“I look like some stupid popstar” He said

“Exactly!” She said excitedly “Isn’t it great?”

She sounded proud of her work so he decided to go along with it “Yep, thanks An, what would I do without you”

Anna appeared to think about this for a moment “Well, I suppose you’d be dead many times over” She said

“I doubt that”

“Oh really? You might be a good hunter, Azel says you’re probably the best there is, but you’re always rushing into situations, how many times have I saved you?”

He got up, brushing hair off of himself “Not that many”

She stuck her tongue out at him, he did the same. Then she shoved the suit into his arms.

“Change” She said

He reluctantly peeled off his clothes. They’d known each other since they were babies and had seen each other unclothed many times, they no longer felt it awkward.

His body was lean, without an ounce of fat, with a light tan.He had sleek muscles all over him, his abs (which he tried to get rid of through eating extensive amounts of pancakes, thought it didn’t appear to be working) were very defined.

“You’re too skinny, too much coffee, not enough meat” Anna said

“Coffee is the drink that keeps me going”

He pulled on the pants and started to button the shirt but Anna waved him aside.

“Let me do it, if you try we’ll be here for hours” She said

She buttoned the shirt quickly as well as the cuffs, then he stepped into the shoes (which he called ‘church shoes’) and tied them. She handed him the suit jacket but he threw it on the toilet as he touched his shirt on.

“No, I can hardly move my arms in those things”

She looked as if she might protest but then sighed and handed him his dagger. Its name was Aurora, latin for ‘Dawn’. The blade was as long as his hand, with a nightmetal hilt. At the bottom of the hilt was a red gem, surrounded by a circle of nightmetal. The gem was enchanted to alert him to the presence of the Dark Children, those of the supernatural world who chose to ally themselves with evil.

The blade gleamed long and silver in the moonlight. It could absorb the essence of those who it pierced.

He slipped the blade up down his pant leg into the holster that was woven into the pants for just that purpose.

“You guys ready?” Azel called

He came out of the room, Anna behind him. Azel and Harry were at the front door. Harry was lazily petting the cat, Alabaster. He looked up and smiled.

“I see you surrendered to Anna’s harassments, you look good I’ll admit. Although not as good as me” He said with a smirk

Luke snorted at this. Harry tossed him a gold watch, they both had the same one, “Gotta stay matching”

Luke strapped the watch around his wrist. As Azel cleared his throat.

Azel, their tutor, was tall, with caramel skin. His dreads hung over one side of his face, gold clasps gleaming. His brown eyes were soft and inviting, but that was an illusion. Azel was probably the most dangerous out of all of them. He moved so fast that you didn’t even know he’d moved, and he knew how to use his abilities better than they did. His gaze reflected the intelligence of centuries, as Azel had been alive long enough to remember the days when Angels walked the land.

“Be careful tonight” He said

They all nodded at that. Azel opened the door, it was a swirling gateway. The House of Night had extensive magical properties, the door could transport them anywhere.

They stepped through and were immediately in the street in front of a large mansion. The home was sprawling, and tall, although it was a dwarf compared to their own home. Luke and Harry whistled, impressed.

“Someone must have some money” Harry said

“Right, I mean that fountain alone probably cost what? A million dollars?”

Harry shook his head “Probably three million, is that gold?”

The fountain was indeed rimmed with gold.

“Some people feel a need to compulsively flaunt their wealth,” Azel said.

Anna gave him a sideways look “And we don’t?”

Azel shrugged “We have earned that right by protecting humanity. People like this” he waved a hand “Have done nothing but take, without giving”

Luke nodded.

“Let’s go in shall we?” Harry asked

He strode forward, Luke beside him. Harry flashed him a crooked grin and held out his arm. Luke glared at him and swatted it away.

A big man in a suit guarded the door. His arms were crossed over his chest. Luke thought that he looked ridiculously stupid.

“Invites?” He asked

Luke stepped forward and smiled. His movements were a blur as he slammed his fist into the man’s chest. He pulled his heart out and crushed it in his hand. It dissolved into dust as did the man. Harry glanced at him distastefully “Humans always think they’re so tough”

“Until they find out they’re not, usually it’s too late though”

He watched as the blood disappeared from his hand, turning to dust. He wiped it off as Azel and Anna appeared behind them.

Azel glared at them “Be careful, anyone could have seen”

Harry waved his objections aside “Humans see what they want to see. It’s unlikely they would have seen two vampires killing one of their kind.”

They entered through the large wooden doors (which had gold doorknobs) into a large entryway. Walking quickly, they entered a large hall that closely resembled a ballroom. Stairs led to the upper level of the home. On the dance floor were men and women. All of them fit and in shape, most of them carrying visible weapons, and all of them hunters.

His dagger pulsed against his leg. “Azel, the Dark ones are here”

He nodded, Azel could sense the Dark ones on his own (something he assured them that they would be able to do given time). “There are many, split up and take out the Guardians. Then come back together and we will destroy the remaining”

They nodded. Anna and Azel vanished into the crowd. Luke and Harry milled about, waiting for an opportunity.

The Guardians were powerful Dark Ones. They had vast powers and were committed to hunting anyone of the light into extinction.

Their target was a tall man in a white suit. A broadsword was strapped to his wrist. When he waved his hands, red sparks flew from them.

“Stupid humans, playing with magic they know nothing of. They don’t know they’re being used” Harry sneered

Luke shook his head, he searched the room. The scents disturbed him, they smelled of death and blood. The thought made his stomach growl, he hadn’t fed since the day before.

“They’re idiots who will do anything to gain power” Luke agreed

Harry’s dark hair fell into his eyes, he brushed it away. He and Luke had nearly identical hairstyles, though his hair was longer. His ear’s had heavy silver rings in them, he also had a silver ring in his nose which shone brightly. He yawned, showing a black tongue piercing. His eyes were a cloudy grey, but rimmed with shocking blue. Vampires had unusual pupils, the magic in their bodies expressed themselves through physical traits, creating different eye colors. A metal bar ran through the upper part of his ear.

“He’s going upstairs” Luke said

His smile was a wide as it was cruel, both of their canines lengthened as adrenaline coursed through their bodies in preparation for the fight “With some girl to accompany him”

They headed up the stairs. The tall man had his arm around a blond woman. They were giggling and looking at each other like they were going to rip each other’s clothes off. Harry wanted to barf as the man slipped his hand down to caress the woman’s bottom.

They opened the door to their room. Harry and Luke arrived as they shut the door. They both changed form to small mice and crawled under the door. Once on the other side, they shifted back into their original forms.

Harry yanked the man off of the woman and he flew into the wall. Then threw a pixie ball into the air, it exploded. Sealing the room, nobody could get out, save him and Luke.

The man got to his feet brandishing his sword.

“Bloodsuckers, I don’t recall you being invited” He growled

The woman got up from the bed, bare chested, knife in hand. But Harry kicked her legs out from under her and she fell to the ground. The man lunged at Luke, but Luke was already there. He slammed his knee into his gut and the mad doubled over. He knocked the sword from his hand.

“You know, I thought you guys would put up more of a fight” Luke said

The man coughed, blood coming from his mouth. Harry bound them with lunar wire, flexible wire that was razor sharp and could be used only by the Night’s children.

“Can we put a shirt on her?” Harry asked

“Uncomfortable Eddy?”

Harry scowled, they both knew that Harry was asexual, he wouldnt care one way or another if the woman was entirely nude, he mainy asked for her benefit.

Luke sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled out Aurora, its blade shone bright.

“Where is it” Harry asked the man

He looked up at them, blood ran from his temple “Where’s what?”

“Don’t play us for dumb. You know what we want. The Black Book, where is it?” Luke demanded

This time, the woman spoke “My, my, you sure are a pretty boy. There’s no need to be like that? How about you take these bonds off of me and we’ll get to know each other”

Persuasion, a power of the Dark Ones, was pouring through her voice. She pouted suggestively.

“No thanks, I don’t sleep with people who worship demons, my mother says it’s not good for me.” Luke said

The woman’s nostrils flared, her eyes glowed bright. Harry chuckled.

“Where is it Blackrobe” He asked

The man, Blackrobe, said nothing. Harry smiled, showing his sharp teeth, he was across the room in a flash. The man’s head cracked against the wall loudly and he cried out. He bared his teeth.

“Where. Is. It”

Blackrobe’s face twisted as he spat on Harry “I will not tell you, unbeliever”

Harry laughed as he wiped his face. “I see”

He threw the man to the ground and brought a booted foot down on his leg. It broke easily. The man cried out in pain. Harry laughed maniacally and stomped on the other leg, which broke as well.

Blackrobe withered on the ground in agony, his face twisted. The woman gasped in horror. Harry crouched down beside him “Now. Either you can tell us where it is, or I break something else, maybe even cut off your fingers”

Blackrobe gritted his teeth “The drawer. It’s in the drawer”


“On the other side of the room, next to the bed”

Harry nodded to Luke who got up from the bed. He opened the drawer, there was a protection spell on it, a heavy one, but protection spells didn’t work on the undead, only on the living.

He reached in and his hands closed around something solid. He brought it out and studied it in the light. It was a book, a big one, thousands of pages long. The cover was worn and dusty. He flipped through it, it was written in a demonic language, the symbols screamed at him. The pages were entirely black, with symbols written in red letters, their ink looked like blood.

He held it up for Harry to see.

“Thank you my friend.”

“Let me go now” Blackrobe said

Harry looked as if he were thinking for a moment “I don’t think so. You’ve killed many of our kind. I can’t exactly forgive that”

He held up a hand, his nails sharpened like razors and ripped them through his throat, nearly decapitating him.

The woman shook in her corner. Luke stepped towards her but something, like an invisible force, pushed him back. She was chanting, not in any language he knew, but in a dark, ugly language. The words chilled him to the bone. She held up a silver crucifix.

“A cross?” Luke laughed “You know those things don’t really work right. This must be your first time meeting a vampire or you’d know better”

He plucked it out of her hands and threw it over his shoulder.

She looked at him, and then, to his surprise, flew at him. Somehow, she’d gotten free of her restraints.

Luke launched himself backwards and slashed Aurora in a wide arc. It cut the woman in the arm, bringing blood.

The wound hissed and turned her skin black, it began to crumble away. She screamed but advanced on him again. Lightning fast, he dodged and came up behind her. He plunged the blade between her shoulder blades and she crumpled to the ground. She screamed as her essence was sucked into the blade, her body dissolved into a pile of ash.

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