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Future Academy

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How do you change yourself to fit what society tells you you are? You don’t.

Action / Mystery
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On the day that Future Academy burned down I was sitting by the lake practicing ruining human’s lives. This wasn’t out of the ordinary for me because this was a skill that would be on my final exam and I wasn’t looking to get kicked out in my first year. Of course, learning this was easier than actually doing it. Ruining the lives of humans all around the world is kind of a big expectation for someone like me. Someone, that is to say, who is small and kind of useless. I wasn’t clever or cruel like my classmates, and I wasn’t even very smart. Of course, that begs the question: how did I get in? That’s easy: I didn’t. I’m convinced that this is a mistake that the chief elders made and eventually they will realize it and kick me out. That’s why I still haven’t unpacked my bags. Well, if I had any. I don’t exactly come from the top tier family and getting here without money is pretty much impossible. You see, only the best, or the richest, get into Future Academy. Most students take their classes and graduate to become the influencers of our world. But once in a while a student is brought into the academy as an apprentice. That’s where my story finally gets interesting.
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