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“You were taught martial arts to defend yourself from the bad not to simply lash out on your mates.” Miss Fiona was giving us her trademark grave stare that could give you chills in the pit of your stomach.

We have visited her room a few times now. This is the second time we are here because of us being at fault.

The first time we got caught lurking around the prohibited area, the top floor of Block A. We didn’t know it was restricted only for the staffs. She gave us great dose of scolding.

“She’s not our mate.” Jane muttered under her breath.

Jane didn’t regret her act out there but I felt guilty.

I shouldn’t have attacked Olivia even if I hated her. I got out of control when I saw her restraining my friend for the second time today.

“I heard that.” Miss Fiona glared at Jane. “It’s been three months now, I expected you to get along with others well but all I see is four of you still sticking to your own group. You’re not even trying to fit in. You should know by now, unity is a very important factor here, in this institute. How can you work along in the future if this goes on?” She paused a while, looking at us with her analytic eyes.

“It’s not us.” I mumbled.

“Speak up, Adrianna.” She barked.

I straighten my aching body and looked at her.

“We tried to be friends but the students here do not like us.” I told her.

“And now you decided to attack them?” She asked me.

“She provoked us. She started it.” Jane answered with a serious tone but that only made her sound like a five year old.

“Provoked? That’s the excuse for your action today? You’re old enough to use your brain. At your age, you’re required to perform out there at the field. How do you expect us to sign you in any job if you’re still acting immature?” She asked in frustration.

“It doesn’t matter if we were acting mature or immature. It’s not like we will get involved in any mission like the others tyros.” Jane pointed out.

Miss Fiona fumed in anger at us. “Watch your tone, Jane.”

Almost instantly, she stopped her angry words and was looking over our heads. She stood up, “Yes, sir.”

I turned and saw Mr. Henderson at the door.

“I would like to have a few words with the girls.” He told her.

“Of course, they will be on their way to your room.” Miss Fiona informed him. He nodded and left. “For the next two weeks, report to Mr. Banks at 8 every night including the weekends. I want you to help him in the cleaning department. That’s you punishment. Now get going to the principal room.” She dismissed us immediately. I was not entirely relieved though since Mr. Henderson wanted to see us.

We walked past the rows of glass doors to the hall. A few staffs in suit were working here. The whole place looked like an office rather than staffroom. We walked past them to a long corridor. The rooms of administrators are situated here. It is the exact replica of Block C. It’s all glass, metals and gadgets. I wouldn’t be surprised if machineries from the Terminator movie roam around here. The technology used here are very advanced. Our Fifth Generations classes had taught us a few of the gadgets. I’m only good with our spy hand phones and the laptop. Ivy is the technology savvy among us. She has gotten so much better than other tyros. Our Fifth Generation lecturer, Miss Anita favored Ivy very much that she even gave her another new set of hand phone for her to work on as an independent project. Ivy gladly accepted it.

We saw Ivy and Naomi already seated in the room. The glass door slides open automatically. We entered.

I still remember coming here on our first day. The room looked the same. Big long table at the centre, shelves of books and files, couches at the front left corner of the room on the black carpeted floor. Ivy and Naomi were sitting at the couch so we joined them. We were still in our combat aftermath condition, bruised and bloodied. The old man was in hunting jacket with a pair of soldier green slack pants. He sat at the one seated couch. He looked so much energetic and healthier than the last time we saw him. However his face was tired and stern. His silvery hair was neatly cropped, reminding me the male tyros in this institute.

“How are you doing, sir?” Ivy asked him earnestly.

He gave her a small smile. “I’m fine, Ivy. Thank you for asking. I’ve been meaning to ask you the same question. How are you doing?” He asked us.

I wanted to be honest. I wanted to let him know the truth. The truth about how I personally felt but all I could manage to say was, “We’re doing fine too, sir.” His posture relaxed hearing that.

“I’m glad to hear that Adrianna.” He paused a while. I leaned on the soft couch, resting my body.

“Let me be clear, I didn’t call you here in regards to the incident occurred earlier in front of Block E. I have an announcement to make to you and I wanted to do it in person. I want you to give me your honest answer.” He informed us. His eyes were hard. I braced myself for something worse. Probably, he realized we no longer fit here and wanted to throw us out.

“As Jane mentioned earlier, I know each of you’re under the impression that you have low chances in getting involved in mission as the other tyros. I wanted to give you the opportunity to undergo a mission at the end of your semester, three months from now.” He went on.

My jaw dropped listening to him.

“From what I observed for the past three months, you’re attending the classes and training without any real motivation. There’s no exuberance in you. I don’t want tyros to undergo training just because you’re asked to. I want you to at least have an aim. If you’re able to pass your entire tests, then you will be chosen for a mission.”

“But sir, isn’t it a rare opportunity for a tyro to get chosen for field work?” Naomi asked him. The same question was reeling in my mind.

“Why are you giving us the rare opportunity?” I questioned him.

He stood up and walked to his desk and stared outside of his the window. He turned to us after about half a minute. “I’m in no position to answer your question now. The only thing I can tell you is that the reason behind this task. We, the Angels’ were asked to prove your credibility. The authorities are concerned on our uncommon recruitment.”

Our credibility? Why would the authorities, whoever that is, wants to test our credibility? I wanted to ask those questions but I had this feeling that he would not answer it.

“But of course I would like to know your answer first. Are you capable enough to accept a mission?”

We were too dumbstruck that we couldn’t give him a straight answer. Mr. Henderson gave us a week time to come to a decision.

We went straight to the medic feeling exhausted and oddly quiet.

“We fought today. Can you believe that?” Ivy stated with a proud smile plastered on her bruised face.

The medical staff was bandaging my thigh. My injury got worse when I made my fast move to attack Olivia.

“We were badass today.” I told the girls, strangely feeling contended about it.

I’ve been told to stay away from heavy exercise for the next three days. Nothing made me happier than hearing that. Too bad my friends are good to go but Ivy had given medicine for her back injury and asked to visit the medic later this week.

We crashed in our dorm without having dinner. We are more prepared now. Knowing us very well, we bought some cookies from the nearest town during weekends and kept in the dorm. Every time we don’t want to face the others, we simply stayed at our place enjoying the cookies. We spent the rest of the day in our room, nursing each other and staying out of trouble.

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